May in Advance

I usually do Month in Reviews but I realized that those are boring and what the future holds is much more interesting. SO this month I’m switching it up. I’m gonna tell you all about what’s going to happen, what you’ll see, and most importantly, what I’m giving away!

I am REALLY pumped about May. It’s already been a great month, and there’s so much left! Let’s get to it and you’ll understand the excitement.


Sweating the Big Stuff is going through a site redesign and is celebrating by having a nice giveaway! I’m also planning on giving away several books and well as cold hard cash! Hopefully the new design will be a little more attractive and user friendly.

Also, we’re starting a Facebook page! I want to connect with my readers better and Facebook seems like the perfect platform. And what better way to start a Facebook group than with a giveaway! There will be many details to come as I get everything ready for launch.

For my loyal readers, I’m also planning on giving away several books! I should be putting up a few reviews of the great books I’ve been reading, and I want to share them with you!

You may or may not have noticed that I added a few advertisements to older posts. I’m just starting to explore monetizing, but I also want to do so in a way that doesn’t bother the people who come for the content each day. So nothing recent will have ads for the foreseeable future. This mostly affects the people who visit from Google, and if I benefit from them, well, guess who gets more $$ and book giveaways?? YOU!

Finally, I have lined up some awesome guest posts. These aren’t your run of the mill guest posts, either. These posts will make you think, they’ll get you excited, and they’ll be super interesting. I’m lining up some excellent Yakezie members to guest post here and I think you’re going to love it!

So, are you excited for the rest of May? I thought so! There will be lots of details coming in the next few weeks, so sit tight, sign up for the RSS feed to stay current on everything that will be going on, and I guarantee you this won’t disappoint!

*For those who liked the old format, here’s a quick rundown:

I’m still doing well in the Yakezie, and instead of focusing on my numbers, I’m focusing on the relationships I’m building. Notably, I had an awesome happy hour with the likes of Eliminate the Muda, Engineer Your Finances, J Money from Budgets are Sexy, and Brian of My Next Buck.

My favorite posts from April:
Why I’m a Fan of Lifestyle Inflation

Free iPhone and 2 Months of Free Service

Plus two awesome guests posts:

How to Find Extra Money In Your Budget by Heather of Inexpensively

5 Things You Can Do To Prepare for Retirement by Rick Rodgers

May in Advance

Sweating the Big Stuff

4 thoughts on “May in Advance

  1. Your blog is awesome and I can only imagine it will be more awesome after the resdesign.

    As for monetisation, you deserve it and it will allow you to push this blog further forward. I am thinking of hiding monetisation for regular readers too and on new posts for a few days so even Google people on the new stuff will be ad free….

    Looking forward to the giveaways.

  2. Sounds like a great plan! I can’t wait to see the new site. I’m also interested in the book give-away. With summer coming up, I’ll have a little more time to read!

  3. Fun, I’m looking forward to seeing the changes you make. It sounds like the blog is headed for a dynamic month.

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