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March Month In Review

A lot has been happening behind the scenes recently. I’ve been working on a few blog projects that I hope to have up in the next several weeks. Without giving it all away, I’m going to be running two informative and interesting series’ that I think everyone will enjoy.

One of my new initiatives has been the Interview Series, where I get to know some other bloggers that I think are doing a fantastic job. This month featured Monevator, Eliminate the Muda, and Little House in the Valley.

Blog Traffic

Also, I’m beginning to make updates to the blog and in a few weeks, should have a slightly new look. It will be more user friendly, and have a brand new header that I’ve been working on.

This month, readership has grown 26%, which is still beyond fantastic and will be tough to top in April. More importantly, the number of comments have increased dramatically lately, and I can’t be grateful enough to those who have build this community. It really makes everything better, and a 45% increase in the number of comments this month is something I’m very proud of and you should be too!

Yakezie Challenge

This past month, I sprinted up the Yakezie ladder and went from 142,090 all the way down to 79,724, which puts me in the top 50 on Wisebread’s top 100+ list of Personal Finance Blogs. I don’t know how much longer I can keep this going, but I’m very happy with my placement where it is. Now I just have to fight off the other Yakezie members!


I had a few posts that I really liked this month. I had a nice mix of guest posts this month as well of some signature posts that I put a little extra effort into. Here are a few favorites from March:

Are Employers Making Crazy Assumptions?

Funniest Tax Return Ever

Squeezing More Out of Your Retirement Account (guest post by Engineer Your Finances)

The 5 Worst Ways to Save Money

Guest Posts

I exchanged posts with Neal of Wealth Pilgrim this month. I guest posted over by him with How to Teach Kids About Money and he graciously returned the favor with his fantastic post How to Stop Sweating the Small (and Big) Stuff

Happy April!



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