How To Make The Most of Vehicle Leasing for Businesses

I’ve never been fortunate enough to have a job that have included a company vehicle. I was at a company meeting recently and happened to sit next to a fellow in one of our breakout sessions who was in charge of the vehicle leasing for our company. I got into a conversation with him and mentioned that it seemed like a huge undertaking for 1 person to handle leasing cars for business especially since we were an organization with at least 200 field people. I was looking at it all wrong though, this dude had the easiest job in the world because he just contracted with someone to handle everything for him.

He gave me some insight into what his responsibilities would be if he were to do it all himself. Just thinking about the logistics that go into maintaining an auto fleet makes my head spin. For starters, every time a new hire joined the team it would require looking into their driving record, the leasing agency handles that. The new hire would need an automobile and insurance. Instead of the company waiting weeks from a dealer to get a vehicle the leasing company can deliver a car from their fleet in days. Can you imagine the expense report nightmare for 200 field people expensing fuel every week? Gas is taken care of with fuel cards that are accepted at almost any gas station and fleet maintenance included as well; there were 5 different garages, all within 5 miles that I could bring the car to for oil changes, tire rotations small repairs and the like and it was all taken care of by the leasing company.

If you think it made sense for a larger company it really makes sense for ANY company. Vehicle leasing for business allows a company to concentrate on being as productive and profitable as possible. With that in mind it makes even more sense for a smaller organization to consider leasing cars. In today’s highly competitive market it’s usually the companies that can focus on the task at hand that set them apart from the competition. You work on what you know best, when it comes to your car leave it to an expert to do what they know best and lease.

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