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Make that Extra Buck by Playing Online Games

Make that Extra Buck by Playing Online GamesNo matter how much money you earn, there’s always room for some more. This was the thought that occurred to me the last time I went for a coffee with my friend Joe, a stay at home dad, freelancer and general nice guy. As I was the one to pay for his coffee (a delicious espresso), he shared one of his money making secrets with me, one that I decided to try as soon as I got home – blackjack. He said he was a passionate player, and found this popular card game to be the best way to combine playing games with making money. So, I gave it a try – and this is what I learned.

1. Choose your gaming operator wisely

After reading a series of reviews and asking my friend Joe about it, I ended up registering at the Royal Vegas online casino. As I learned in the process, it is one of the highest rated and most secure places I could choose, licensed in the European Union and audited by independent bodies. It is an operator with a long history and thousands of users – it seemed the safest choice for me.

2. Be mindful of the table rules

I was surprised how many variants a simple game like blackjack can have. Ever since it was introduced to the casinos of Las Vegas, blackjack has been offered with a variety of table rules, different number of decks played, and other variations that I will cover some other time (it would take a separate article just to list them all). I was surprised to see how many available casino offers there were.

3. Use at least a basic strategy

Blackjack is not just another game of chance – using at least a basic strategy helps you stay profitable. If you have no idea about what this means, do not despair – a quick search on the web will help you. Using the basic strategy proposed by some of the best gaming websites, I was able to make an extra $10 during my first week at the Royal Vegas Casino, playing at low stakes of course. It doesn’t seem much at first, but think of this – I made them while playing a game!

4. Don’t let yourself be carried away

The most important thing when playing for money: don’t let yourself be carried away! Don’t play “just one more hand”, and don’t desperately try to win back what you’ve lost – this is almost always a bad idea. Set limits for yourself – limits to how much you can afford to lose and how much you want to win – and walk away whenever you reach any of these limits. The Royal Vegas Casino has a strong anti-problem gambling policy, helping players detect their compulsive gaming behavior, limit their daily, weekly or monthly deposits and generally prevent issues from appearing while playing there.


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