How to make money from online casinos

Online casino gaming is an extremely lucrative industry, making up 33% of UK gambling industry’s £13.8 billion estimated value. The number of new customers signing up is continuing to rise as well, as gaming becomes more easily accessible thanks to the availability of smartphones and faster mobile internet speeds. With more customers and higher revenues, online gambling providers offer live gameplay that can make players feel like they are in a real casino while they are on-the-go. These kind of sites are easily accessible and with a bit of practice, players can make some serious money with a solid strategy and plenty of practice.

There are tons of casino games out there, with some requiring more skill than others. Games like roulette are completely driven by odds and probability, but poker requires more skill and game know-how to win. Poker is one of those games that can make people a lot of money, but there is always the possibility of someone else being better than you or the cards not being drawn in your favour. Despite the chance of failure always hiding just around the corner no matter which casino game you favour, there are actually several fool-proof ways of making big money from online gambling.

OK, so this isn’t angling towards a magic formula that will make you rich in seconds by playing games online, but the solutions we’re going to look at are guaranteed to help you take advantage of a growing industry. Working at a casino in the past wasn’t exactly a high paying or indeed socially normal job, with employees often working well into the night and early morning, but that has changed completely thanks to advancements like live casino. Instead of players either having to visit a physical casino or play casino games against a piece of software, online operators have taken advantage of HD video streaming to broadcast professional dealers straight from the casino to players’ computers, smart devices and of course mobile phones. Becoming a live casino dealer is a great way to take advantage of working online, with croupiers able to pick and choose their hours and effectively work from anywhere in the world. You’ll still need to train to become a licensed dealer and attach yourself to an online provider, but the tips can be huge on higher jackpot games and there is a demand for professional dealers who enhance the online gambling experience.

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of gambling or don’t feel you have the right skills and knowledge to be a casino croupier, another way to make some money from casino operators is to provide them a service. Casinos rely on maintaining a constant stream of new customers and reaching people is harder than it has ever been, thanks to a wide range of competitors with even better offers and amazing websites. If you run a website, blog or article service, then you can take advantage of affiliate marketing.

This marketing tool relies on website viewers visiting a strategically placed link on a partner website or page that links them directly to a casino website or promotion. The article doesn’t necessarily need to be about gambling or casinos, but a quick mention of the brand or even a nondescript HTML link can provide valuable website visits to online casinos. Online gambling operators are willing to pay big bucks for these links, with some sites offering entire programs to help their affiliates grow in size whilst benefiting from more website hits.

So instead of relying on luck or years of gambling experience, why not connect with a provider to take advantage of a growing and lucrative industry that is forecast to only improve over the next years. As the old adage goes, if you can’t beat them, join them.

How to make money from online casinos

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