Lyft New Driver Bonus Information

If you’re considering becoming an Lyft driver, NOW is the time!

It’s very easy to get started, and there are only a few steps you need to take to get paid your bonus:

  • Sign up here
  • Upload all required documents to the platform
  • Complete your mentor session (takes 30 minutes)
  • Complete 50 trips (about 5 hours of Lyft driving) within the first 30 days

Right now, it couldn’t be easier to earn the bonus, so sign up now before they drop the bonus back down!

The whole process is pretty quick, and if you have any questions about the approval process, leave them below. I’m happy to answer them for you!

Right now, you can get a $50 bonus for signing up, and even higher in some markets. Here are the current referral rates by city:

Lyft Sign Up Bonus

  • Atlanta – $50 Bonus
  • Austin – $100 Bonus
  • Baltimore – $150 Bonus
  • Boston – $400 Bonus
  • Chicago – $350 Bonus
  • Dallas – $100 Bonus
  • Denver – $100 Bonus
  • Los Angeles – $50 Bonus
  • Miami – $50 Bonus
  • Nashville – $50 Bonus
  • New Jersey – $150 Bonus
  • New York City – $350 Bonus
  • Orange County – $50 Bonus
  • Philadelphia – $100 Bonus
  • Phoenix – $100 Bonus
  • Pittsburgh – $200 Bonus
  • Portland – $100 Bonus
  • Sacramento – $100 Bonus
  • San Francisco – $50 Bonus
  • San Diego – $50 Bonus
  • Seattle – $350 Bonus
  • Silicon Valley – $350 Bonus
  • Tuscon – $50 Bonus
  • Washington, D.C. – $250 Bonus

Even if you don’t live in those cities, don’t worry! The bonus is just a small part of what you will earn, and you can make up to $35/hr! Best of all, you drive when you want to. No schedules, just turn on the app when you want to start and turn it off when you’re done for the day.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to become an Lyft driver here and get your huge bonus now!

Lyft Sign Up Bonus

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