Life Insurance – Because Their Lives Depend on It

Life insurance is not really something that we like to talk about much – after all, who of us wants to think about our own mortality? Having life insurance is, however, extremely important – especially if you have a family. If something happens to you, the emotional and financial strain on your family can be crippling, preventing them from making the most out of life.

Many of us put off this issue because there are more important issues to deal with. Perhaps your schedule is too hectic to take time off to see an insurance broker or shop around, or perhaps you are concerned about being pressured into making a buying decision. These are all valid reasons but they do not get you any closer to ensuring that your family is taken care of in the event that something happens to you.

That’s where comes in. makes shopping around for life insurance a quick and easy process – the site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use it at whatever time suits you.

Simply use the online calculator provided to determine how much insurance you need, complete your details and you will be provided with the best matching quotes in seconds. There is no running around or endless phone calls and no time wasted.

The site is user-friendly providing simple step by step instructions. It has been designed with the layman in mind – you do not need to know anything about insurance to use this site.

The online needs analyzer makes it easy to determine how much insurance you need – input details such as income, outstanding debt, goals, etc. and you can be sure that you will end up with a quote that is perfectly matched to your needs.

This, in turn, means an end to paying over-inflated premiums for policies that contain benefits that you will never use. You will get a quote that is affordable and can be assured that you will not end up under- or over-insuring yourself.

The key is in completing the online forms as accurately as possible – the more details you provide upfront, the better the quote will be in the end.

By dealing with a brokerage firm, not the insurance companies directly, you have access to a range of products from various companies, ensuring that you get the best possible quote.

There is no pressure to buy either, you are only asked to provide contact details if you do decide to go ahead with the plan – should you decide not to take up the quote, you will never have to provide your contact details at all.

The site provides a comprehensive “Question and Answer” section for users. Should you need more assistance, you are able to contact the company either by phone, by email, or by visiting their offices.

Should you decide to apply for the policy, Quotacy caters to your preferred method of contact. You can either start your application online right from the quote screen on your smart phone, tablet or PC, or you can request a fillable pdf to complete on your own time, for those who prefer to do things the old fashion way. And of course, you can always call and answer the application questions over the phone.

Lastly, a big plus compared to other life insurance agencies is the fact that Quotacy double checks every application before it gets sent to the specific insurance carrier you were quoted with, and has a professional underwriter see if any health or lifestyle characteristics you’ve listed will be a better fit with a different carrier other than the one you chose online. This ensures that you always get the best price the first time around saving you time and money. Quotacy has built its business around catering to busy modern consumers in any way they choose, to make buying life insurance enjoyable.

It is like having your own personal insurance broker on call.

Life Insurance – Because Their Lives Depend on It

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