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LegalZoom vs Nolo: An Honest Review

When you’re making the decision to ditch lawyers in your life, you’re still going to need assistance when it comes to filling out legal documents or filing paperwork in court. Luckily, there are several websites offering you the help you need to fill out legal paperwork and conduct a variety of different legal procedures. At the top of the heap are LegalZoom and Nolo. Deciding between the two in your own rite could take a series of trial and error to decide which one comes out on top. Instead, you can take a look at this honest review to see which of the two sites allows you to get everything you need without having to pay the sometimes exorbitant fees a lawyer will charge you. Use this review to finally get the help you need quickly and affordably.

Get Help Filling Out Your Documents

Legal documents are not exactly easy to fill out. This is partially because it was a lawyer who originally wrote the legal documents that need to be filled out. They had no interest in making it easy for the layman to fill out the forms properly. This is why whenever you need to fill out legal forms you need a little bit of help. When you review the LegalZoom reviews, you’ll see in many of the more complicated documents, you can get help in filling it out in the form of an interview or through the support provided by the support team. This is something that is included in the price you pay. Nolo provides static instructions to go along with the documents you download, according to Consumer Reports. This leaves you in charge of figuring out what questions you have and then finding out the answer to the question. Having someone on your side is the way to go since they know the problems you’re going to face and can walk you through the process a lot faster and easier than you can do it on your own.

Pay Attention to the Awards

When you’re trying to decide between LegalZoom and Nolo, you should pay attention to the awards the company has received. This is particularly important when the awards have been given from recognized sources you can trust to know what they’re looking for when it comes to dating sites. According to Knoji Consumer Knowledge, LegalZoom has been awarded several awards in major press releases. This indicates the company has knowledge when it comes to such things as digital tools for entrepreneurs, business leadership tools, and great legal forms. These are all areas in which LegalZoom has received awards for the services they provide. One of these awards was awarded by the National Law Journal, a respected law journal for lawyers throughout the United States of America. This is a significant accomplishment for a website bent on replacing lawyers’ services in favor of a digital service.

Legal Documents Developed by Attorneys

The team at LegalZoom has made sure to utilize the services of lawyers on staff to create and maintain the legal documents they offer to customers of the site, according to Top Consumer Reviews. These are the same legal professionals on hand whenever you have a question about how to fill out the documents in question. Even better, you’re not the one in charge of filling out the document when you use these services. Instead, you’re going to fill out the form online using the questionnaire. As well as the team at LegalZoom will review the document before printing it and sending it to you. This way, you’ll have the assurance your document has been reviewed and approved by a team of lawyers before it’s ever sent to you so you can use it in a court of law. When you use Nolo, they simply allow you to download the documents and give you instructions on how to fill them out. You have no guarantee you did it right.

Experience Does Matter

When it comes to anything, having a lot of experience in the field is a huge benefit. This is a major feather in the cap of LegalZoom. In business since 2001, it has been close to eight years longer than Nolo has been. Both have been listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since they were established and both have a reputation for distributing thousands of legal documents every day, but when it comes to being established, LegalZoom simply has it won. The company has a reputation for not just being satisfied with being the first in the industry. They are always looking for ways to improve their services. Customers are getting the help they need to fill out legal documents and save money rather than hiring lawyers. By this review, it would appear LegalZoom is the better choice when looking for legal documents over Nolo.


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