Introducing The Samurai Alexa Ranking Challenge

Today marks the one week anniversary of the Samurai Alexa Rankings Challenge.

For those who aren’t familiar, Financial Samurai wrote a post last week encouraging bloggers to improve their Alexa ranking, propelling them to reach the top 200,000 ranked websites in the world. He called this group the Yakezie (pronounced yah-kay-zee).

He laid out several ways of doing this, including installing the Alexa toolbar, but the most important thing to come out of the post, in my opinion, was that we would create a small community of bloggers to encourage, help, and motivate each other to continue growing and moving up the list of top websites.

The Samurai Alexi Ranking Challenge Page

Today, I am publishing the Samurai Alexa Ranking Challenge page on the site that will track the progress of the Yakezie group each week. My hope is that the constant reminder will add motivation and help retain the intensity that we all have now.

The page shows the Alexa rank of all participants at the beginning of the challenge, last week, and this week. Also, we see our current rank within the group as well as last week’s rank. Finally, the site with the largest week over week gain will be highlighted.

Congratulations to Engineer Your Finances for this week’s top mover!

Come over to the Samurai Alexa Ranking Challenge page to keep track of everyone’s movement and for some weekly encouragement. But here’s a peek at what to expect. Come back next week to see how we’re doing!

Introducing The Samurai Alexa Ranking Challenge

Sweating the Big Stuff

11 thoughts on “Introducing The Samurai Alexa Ranking Challenge

  1. One of the depressing things about my domain change was that I immediately dropped from something in the 100k range to 600k. It’s better than starting at 5 mil or something, but it was still a setback. But I hope to regain it soon. :)

    1. That will fix itself within a few months as it recalculates your traffic. Well worth it, in my opinion.

  2. Looks like I’m still moving in a positive direction, that’s good! i noticed that once I got below 100,000 the drops in my ranking started slowing down pretty significantly. But hey, a drop of 800 is better than growing by 800..

    Keep up the good work everyone!

    1. It’s much easier to move from 2 million to 1 million than from 100,000 to 50,000 because it’s not just another 50 hits per day, it hundreds or thousands. At your point, as FS says below, the new benchmark is 50,000. Even at the “slow” rate of ~850, you’d be making it very close in 6 months. Good luck!

  3. I shall be in the same boat as Mrs. Micah in a few weeks! Scary, but the WordPress change over from Blogger will be very worth it :)

    Here are my stats for now – 106,946

    Thanks for posting about this too (actually, saw it on twitter!), had no idea what you crazy guys were up to ;) I like it.

    1. But you’ll still be at the same domain, so I don’t think it’ll have as big an effect. :) In fact, it might not have an effect at all. Google rankings…that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish!

  4. And already, I’m seeing an increase in unsolicited offers from people I don’t know for guest posts, affiliates, and offers to “unleash your trouser serpent”. I’m amused by them and can only say I’m flattered by spam and legitimate offers as well. Oh, and relevant searches are shooting up too.

  5. Good fun stuff Daniel!

    One suggestion if I may…. to make it fair and challenging for everybody, I instituted different bench marks hence: those outside the top 200,000 would be in one group whose aim it is to breach the top 200,000. Those inside the top 200,000 but outside the top 100,000 aims to breach 100,000. And those inside the top 100,000 already should aim to breach 50,000.

    This way, we all have our own goals, and aren’t so must challenging each other, but challenging ourselves. The person ranked 2,000,000 is a winner if s/he gets to 200,000 vs. let’s say me who only gets to 58,000 from currently 73,000 in 6 months.

    It’s my hope that we all just help each other out over the next 6 months and all win! It’s a very powerful concept if we all become rocket higher because the collective is so much greater than the individual.

    Good luck all!


  6. Daniel-san, if we get some big boys in who are already in the Top 50,000… you can insert a Top 10,000 benchmark for them!

    Don’t think the big boys will join though, as they are too busy.

    The spirit of this challenge is for us small-timers.

    Small timers of the world, UNITE

  7. Ouch! Looks like the only way is up for me!

    This is great Daniel. I look forward to seeing your weekly rankings.

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