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Interview Series: My Journey to Millions

Today’s interview is with a fellow Yakezie member and one of my favorite bloggers, Evan from My Journey to Millions. Once I got into the blogging scene, his was one of the first I read, and we’ve developed a nice friendship through the Yakezie that has been great for both of us.

What’s the most frustrating personal finance experience you’d had recently?

The most frustrating personal finance experience I have had recently is the general well being of my 401(k). I am young so I know I can’t touch it for a LONG while, but watching it stay the same despite throwing money at it…

If you could go back and tell your 20 year old self one thing (about personal finance or not), what would it be?

Oh man, I’d LOVE to talk to 20 year old Evan. I would tell him ‘come on buddy you have got to save your cash!’ 20 year old Evan was a fraternity punk who was fine with going out 4 to 5 nights a week. Even if I just inspired 20 year old Evan that it was ok to drink, but that if he just did it not at a bar for two of those nights, man, the money I would have saved!

What is one thing you splurge on?

What do I splurge on? This question literally made me laugh aloud. It is funny because my friends call me cheap all the time, but compared to other PF Bloggers I am a spending fool. While I consistently turn friends down for Peter Lugars, The Wife and I go out to dinner multiple times a week.

Recently you’ve tweeted about going to both Yankees and Mets games. I’m a diehard Yankee fan. So what’s your deal?

I am not sure why, but I am always shocked that people read my tweets. While I have gone to multiple Met games and a Yankee game recently, I actually don’t favor one over the other. I am not a baseball fan but who turns down a free/or near free sporting event. I am a HUGE football fan, and while I always watch and cheer for the Jets and Giants, I am a big Atlanta Falcon Fan.

What are your two favorite posts?

I have been writing for 2 years so it is nearly impossible to narrow it down. From this year, I’d have to go with Four Words in Personal Finance that Piss me Off and The Wife Says them All the Time and Three Common Qualities of High Net Worth People. They were pretty popular so I must have been doing something right!

Thanks Evan!



  1. That question asking what I would tell my 20 year old self really hit me. It would be a really long discussion, probably going on for days. I was just talking to my brother who dropped his son off his college. I said that it would be fantastic to go back to college now with the knowledge we have today.

  2. Nice interview. Evan is a good guy who has helped me out a lot as well with my site. He has a great blog indeed!

  3. I was pretty frugal in college, but I’d tell my 20 year old self to chill out, worry less, and voice your emotions more instead of pouting like a little kid. I liked the post you recommended since my husband also disliked it when I say those 4 words – now we’re cool about it, lol. :-)

  4. I guess very few 20 year olds listen and follow advice we give them. I think we also tend to go in the direction we had predetermined before asking for advice. Very often asking for advice is just seeking a confirmation to our decision. So, if we do not listen to others, we could hardly expect that 20 year olds would listen to us.
    They sometimes do. And then go and do as they wish…
    Thanks for the interview.

  5. Ha! I loved the 20 year old self question. I think I would tell myself that I should have definitely saved more. I had a girl at the time who loved going out to eat and I would always foot the bill. That relationship has long been over but it still kills me to think of all the money just wasted away. I should have realized that it’s not about where you go and acting like a big shot but the experience like I do now. So I would def tell my 20 year old self to wise up and save up because mortgage payments sting more than you (me) think.

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