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Internet and budgeting can save you: Big-time!

How many hours do you spend in front of your computer and just keep on ranting on your social media accounts? – You rant on how difficult things are for you. You rant about not having the things you want or even losing your mind about not having a cent on your pocket.

What if, those times were used making money online, instead of you wasting your time checking your social media for rants and bad vibes?

Forget how time flies and sit there… and make money with your internet.

You see, nobody’s given birth stupid. There is always one thing you can do that nobody can.

Use that as your edge. Maybe your creativity is more immense than others or maybe your self-esteem is bolder than what others have. Then use those skills together with your internet.

Try these things for a start:

  • Online Selling – Upload and put a tag price on things you want to dispose from your old stuff to your new stuff that you’re not using.
  • Online Writing – If you’re confident enough to write articles, and then try to look for an online writing job. More and more websites are now looking for these kinds of employees. Plus, you can do it with the comfort of your own home.
  • Online Designing – That skill you have with Photoshop and other designing tools can get you cash, and believe it or not… designing cost more than what you have in mind.

After committing into one or even all of the said online opportunities, keep a temptation list. What’s a temptation list? – It is a list of the things which tempts you, when your hand touches some cash.

You have to keep those things listed and pin it near your working station. Instead of it enticing you to spend, it would help you focus to work more to achieve them.

When you’re already stable with an online job, it’s time for you to be responsible enough. Separate budgets and stick with it.

Making your budget can be difficult at first, but it will pay off after being used to it. Make your budget list starting from the most important to the least.

Bills: (Very important)

It serves you with the convenience of everything. Always have to prioritize your bills.
*House rent – you have to pay this to have the comfort of your own place.
*Internet and Electricity – Without Internet connection, you won’t be able to do your job. Especially when you are working online home based.

b. Foods and necessities:

Without food, you’ll starve. If you starve, you won’t be able to think straight. When you can’t think straight, you won’t be able to work well. If you can’t work well, you’ll lose your job and not just that, because you might also lose all.

c. Personal money:

This would be the money you can spend for your “wants” or even the money you can spend/stack for your temptation list.

d. Extras and emergencies: (You’ll never know when you need it.)

Not being paranoid that you would be facing some danger, but being cautious is important.
It would be much better to have this extra money for emergencies than not having it when you need it.

There are lots of online opportunities you can get with a single click of your mouse. You just have to read and research carefully to have a legit source.

Apple is a clayist, freelance writer, former band vocalist and OPM enthusiast. Also likes art, tattoos, online games and photography – learned some of it. She’s also planning to have her own online store.



  1. The internet is how I make my living and anytime I feel like I have too much free time, I seem to fill it with a side hustle. I think I need to learn to be content…

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