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How to Save Money Playing The Lottery

Sometimes, lotteries are referred to as a tax on the poor and a tax on the innumerate. Lottery players have found a way to get the thrill of gambling while making the prudent choice to save chunks of each paycheck. Lottoland has emerged as the leading bookmarker providing the cheapest lottery draw winnings to help you save money. Thanks to the prize-linked savings account, each account holder can manage their deposits for lotteries and win various cash prizes of various amounts to help them get value for their money with online lotteries. Besides the prize-savings accounts which are a new trend in the US for saving money, bookmarkers have come up with various saving tips to help players save money when playing lotteries. Lottoland has various programs that provide the cheapest betting option and reward programs that enable players to invest lesser amounts on gambling.

Lottoland Mini Lotto

Good things come in small packages in Lottoland. The Mini Lotto is an affordable lottery program available on Lottoland at 35 pc and offers a jackpot of £80,000. The Mini Lotto draw takes place every day with a new top prize offer each day. There are no rollovers meaning that if the top prize is not reached, there will be bigger pay-outs for the players who hit the lower tiers. One main advantage of the Mini Lotto is that there are no minimum and maximum pay-outs. The Mini lottery which falls into the junior category that very few international lotto games belong to gives you the chance to play and win prizes every single day of the week. In addition, its prize amounts reach into the tens of thousand dollars, a windfall that you’d make anyone smile from ear to ear. Since the Mini Lotto is available to foreign players, there are tax implications in which you can be exempted from paying taxes if your winnings are below the set threshold.

Lottoland Lottery Syndicate Management Services

If you play the lottery, you may have come across a lottery syndicate where a group of players comes together to purchase lottery tickets and if they are lucky enough to win, they share the prize in proportion to how much they contributed in the first place. Purchasing ticket prizes for a mini lottery Colleagues, family members, and friends can come together and contribute equal amounts of the lottery amount and in the event they win, the amount is equally distributed among the group. Although the Mini Lotto is already a cheap option, you can still utilize the syndicate where you will afford to buy more lottery tickets and play larger wheeling systems. Sharing the ticket costs with others saves you money while stretching your Lotto budget and increasing your chances of daily winnings.

Lotto Social

Lotto social offers another opportunity for you to save money when playing the lottery. The lotto social programs allow you to play games online from all over the world using a syndicate management service as well as playing instant win games with cash prizes of up to £7000. Instead of paying £2.50 for the draw, Lotto social will give you 10 lines for just £1, which is a massive discount not available elsewhere. Once you are able to take advantage of this offer, you will be able to join the weekly subscription service at the cost of £5 to enjoy

  • 20 lottery lines a week (10 lottery lines for Tuesday & Friday draws)
  • 10 raffle ticket entries
  • 5 free instant win games that put you in a draw to automatically win £7,000

This is a great saving tip on the weekly lottery tickets if you are already playing the mini Lotto draw. In addition, you will get rewards for engaging on the online betting site through referring friends. You will be able to check your point balance and redeem it for any game.

Lottoland Mini Lotto bet might not be the first mini lottery that you will think about when debating on the best lottery bets in the world. However, it is among the cheapest lottery tickets with the best winning odds, daily draws, and tax-free winnings. By playing the mini lottery, you can gain a financial boost that will instantly change your life.


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