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How to: Save Money on Travel in Atlanta

There are fewer cooler places than Atlanta right now. It’s the home of Donald Glover’s momentous sitcom about life in the rap game, and it’s also where Coca-Cola was originally invented, the syrupy drink that everyone loves.

Despite this fantastic reputation, no one wants to stay in Atlanta forever. But if you’re travelling, or even just commuting to work, you’ll want to enjoy a few discounts along the way.

Plenty are on offer. While public transport in any US city isn’t cheap, there are ways to nab yourself a bargain if you know where to look.

With that in mind, here are a few options for you to enjoy cheap travel in Atlanta.

Parking your car at the airport

If you want to park your car at the airport properly, you’re going to have to spend. After all, imagine trying to find a parking spot in an airport. It’s like hunting for a needle in a haystack.

But private parking from providers such as doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. Book ahead and you’ll receive a cheaper rate. Many voucher sites like Discount Cloud and Don’t Pay Full also offer discounts codes on airport parking, so be savvy and get googling.

Bicycle hire

Atlanta is the perfect place to go cycling, offering a huge number of grassy parkland and wide roads to explore.

But if you’re only in Atlanta for a few days and want to hire a bicycle, there are plenty of options at your fingertips.

The Atlanta Bicycle Barn offers reasonably priced bike hire and (according to many customer reviews) are efficient and polite in their service. Located on Old Fourth Ward, this is the perfect place for you to pop a wheelie on a budget.


While no one could claim a taxicab in Atlanta was cheap, they are at the very least reliable. All companies provide flat rates to and from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and within neighborhoods in the Atlanta Business District, including Downtown, Midtown and Buckhead.

Outside of these areas, taxicabs will work on a meter rate, however most drivers should be able to give you a reasonable estimate of the price.


The Atlanta Streetcar is the city’s newest for of transportation which, according to Atlanta’s official site, is a ‘2.7 mile loop [that] has 12 stops that connect Centennial Olympic Park with the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site and nearby neighborhoods east of downtown.’

This makes it the ideal way to see some of Atlanta’s most important landmarks, and it’s no more expensive than a standard bus ticket.

Those are our travel tips for Atlanta. Can you think of any? Then let us know!


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