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How to Afford Smaller Luxuries

Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can buy you a few things that may end up making you happy. Sometimes it would just be nice to end up with an item or two that make you feel like you’re living a life of luxury. For some, this may be a bigger house, a better car, or even a private jet. There’s truly no limit to what smaller luxury you may want to acquire, but figuring out to afford it can often be tricky. Instead of keeping that item as a dream, check out the following tips to help you afford your small luxuries.

Sell Old Items

Coming up with money isn’t always easy, but sometimes you can be sitting on a gold mine and not even know it. Do some research and determine the best items to sell, and then go through your belongings to see if you have any of these items and if you’d be willing to part with them. You may find out that you have enough stuff in your attic or basement that can help you better afford a luxury item you truly want. Find a place to sell it, whether through a garage sale or a sales website, and then put the cash away to spend on that must-have item.

Take Out A Loan

A loan is often a great way to secure a larger amount of cash that you can pay off over time. Loans can be taken out for just about anything, including homes, cars, planes, or even material things. Go over your budget and determine what monthly payment you’d be comfortable spending, and then apply for a loan. For example, if you are interested in buying a private jet, consider taking out an aviation loan. If you understand the application process first, you could end up realizing that your dream isn’t too far out of reach.

Go Halfsies

You should consider the benefit of sharing your luxury item with someone else. When you do this, you can cut the cost. Say that you and a friend both want a luxury sports car. Why not go in on the purchase together, and then share the vehicle? Create a contract between the two of you that details the payment plan as well as the terms of the partnership (such as who gets the car on what day). This way, you avoid any fighting over the vehicle and have a legal binding agreement to stay current on the payment and responsibilities.

Get Creative

Earning extra money or putting money away requires a great deal of skill, so find ways to get creative. Can you cut down your cell phone bill in any way? Can you take on a part-time job on the weekends? If you can save money or earn extra money, you’ll have more to put towards that luxury item. Find a creative way to either save or earn more, and then use that to get exactly what you want.

Affording those smaller luxuries can put a big smile on your face. If there’s something you truly want, use these tips, do some hard work, and eventually, it will all pay off in the end.


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