How Much Did We Spend On Our Honeymoon?

Our plan was to spend $3,500 on our honeymoon, which we took the last week of December. Now that things have calmed down a bit, it’s time to look back and see how we did.

Keep in mind that our financial results have nothing to do with how much fun we had. We went swimming with dolphins, zip lining, and we made some great new friends, too!

We originally booked our hotel room for $1,798 and our flights were $1,332, so right there we spent $3,130 and I knew we were going to go over our planned $3,500. We set our expectations too low, so we adjusted up.

3 weeks before we left, we decided to upgrade to a much larger, one bedroom suite. That was another $567, so even before we arrived, we looked at our planned spending in the rear-view mirror. Our new suite included a kitchen, large fridge, dining area, a larger balcony with a hammock, and another room for us to hang out in. In retrospect, this was a great choice. We did not feel cramped and having a kitchen was a blessing as it gave us much more flexibility.

We brought some staples with us as we weren’t sure where we’d be able to go shopping. As it turned out, there was a little market on site where we were able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, and cheese.

We spent 8 days in Cancun and here is how our spending broke down:

  • Hotel: $2,365
  • Flights: $1,332
  • Activities: $545
  • Cash & ATM (spent on activities, drinks, tips, etc): $181
  • Food: $95
  • Travel: $91
  • Random other costs: $36
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: $35

For a grand total of $4,680.

In 2010, the average honeymooners spent $4,466, so we came pretty close to that. I thought it would be cheaper, but once we upgraded our room, it was clear we weren’t going to hit our original $3,500 goal and it was also clear that we didn’t want to. We didn’t let any opportunities go by.

We had an amazing time and in retrospect, we made a great choice of hotel and activities. Even when things didn’t go well (we sat in a van with a vomiting boy for a few hour), we made the most of it and had a good time (it meant we snorkeled with just one other couple instead of the 15 person group he was with).

How Much Did We Spend On Our Honeymoon?

Sweating the Big Stuff

16 thoughts on “How Much Did We Spend On Our Honeymoon?

    1. @Grayson @ Debt Roundup, haha wow, we definitely didn’t spend close to that. We did enjoy our mojitos on the beach, though!

  1. Congrats on a great honeymoon!!! We budgeted $1500 for our first cruise (5 days out of Galveston) and sort of laughed at ourselves when we actually came in at $2500 (mainly thanks to 5 paintings we bought on the ship for $800). We love that art, so it was totally worth it to us. :-)

  2. Daniel,
    Memories are priceless, brother. Especially when they’re with your lady. There’s no doubt it was worth every penny. Congrats.

    -Christian L. @ Smart Military Money

  3. Great job on your spending. It sounds like an amazing time! You only get one honeymoon, might as well splurge a little!

  4. Hey Daniel! It looks like you two had an amazing honeymoon, definitely money well spent! We spent about the same as you on ours, and we were really glad that we did. After all the wedding madness, there’s nothing better than getting to go on a honeymoon with your new spouse!

  5. My wife and I got lost in the town of Cancun. We ended up WAY across town from our hotel and walked into a liquor store. The woman took one look at us and said, “What the hell are YOU doing HERE?” She helped us get a cab back.

    1. @AverageJoe, Haha wow, we definitely didn’t get lost, but did did go snorkeling on a random boat full of native Mexicans who had their suitcases on board. Until they brought out the masks, we were a little curious about what we had gotten ourselves into!

  6. A couple only gets one honeymoon so that’s good you guys didn’t let any opportunities go by just to save a few bucks and stay within “budget”.

    P.S. You two are just too cute of a couple :)

  7. I think you did really well and when it comes to memories and your honeymoon, it is well worth it!

    We went to New Zealand and spent about $2,000 back in 2005, but my husband was Maori and we got a lot of discounts and things because of it. It was a great experience and for me, travel is an area I am happy to spend on.

  8. I see you didn’t budget in travel insurance. My wife and I were stuck in Bangkok with the worst bug we’ve ever encountered and wondered if we could even get on the plane back home. It’s worth it! It leads to an easier trip in case anything happens.

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