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How to Make Money Using your Google Plus Profile

Google Plus had a slow start but later it proved its worth. It has now become a strong marketing tool. Many businesses are starting to be more active on Google Plus. They have started sharing content on Google Plus and encouraging their audience to benefit from the promotions and sales campaigns. This has made it necessary for all the organizations to connect with potential customers on Google Plus. To make money on Google Plus, you must have a strong profile before you can attract a large audience. Make a good Google Plus profile by following the steps given below and wait for traffic to pour in to your site.


About Your Company:

The space provided to write about your organization is not for telling people the history of your company. Many companies have utilized this space to write about their achievements and such other irrelevant things. There’s no harm in mentioning these, but to keep it short, you must choose what to write and what not to. The main reason why this space has been provided is to give you a place where you can introduce yourself to your audience. Tell them what products or services you sell and such other more relevant information.

Optimize Your Profile:

You will have to optimize all the content on your website and also the content on your Google Plus profile. Your profile is what will bring audience to your Google Plus page and eventually to your website, who will later become your customers. However, your profile must be optimized enough to attract audience to your Google Plus page. Use keywords in your profile and you must also check if it has the right density of keywords. You can make use of the Google AdWords tool to help you find the right keywords for your profile. If you register for certain keywords using this tool, your profile will show up whenever a user searches for the registered keywords.

Organize Events Effectively:

There is a need to share the events in your organization with your audience. Such information usually helps you connect with them more socially than always talking about your products and services. While your prime motive behind connecting to customers and potential customers outside your website is to give them more information on your products, if they hear only such information, it’s going to get them bored and the traffic would slow down. Therefore, you need to divert a little and help them recognize that you have interesting events going on. To make it even more effective, use Google Docs widget. This will serve you as a personal organizer and also a space where you can share product presentations and videos with your visitors.


Keep Track:

It’s also important to keep track of the events going on in your organization. After you announce a promotional event, you must also show them how well it is being carried out. The iGoogle widget will help you do this effectively. It lets you announce sales events, activities, promotional offers, and so on. You can also use this as your dairy and plan other tasks based on the schedule you’ve planned using it. Plus, your organization can also appear to be transparent to the visitors. Another benefit you get is that nothing goes unnoticed as you will be more careful to execute things that have been announced. Also, you can tell the audience the status of a promotional campaign that was previously announced. They also can know when it ends and when they can visit your stores to avail the discounts, and so on.

Post Regularly:

As with all other social networks, you must post regularly. If you stop posting on Google Plus for some time and get back, you will find that the audience have all gone. It’s because, Google Plus has not yet become a big social network like Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, you must post regularly and keep the audience engaged so that they don’t stop visiting your profile. Also, you must regularly respond to the comments people have made and the queries put forward. This will help you clear people’s doubts about your products or services and make it easy for them to trust your organization.

Though Google Plus is not as popular as Facebook, you can’t ignore it because its popularity as a social network where people and companies meet, is growing day-by-day. Therefore, it is highly essential for you to maintain a strong profile on Google Plus to make more money. Just follow these steps and you’ll start reaping the benefits soon.




  1. Google controls the search engine rankings, and you have to figure that the more you promote and use Google, that you have a better shot at ranking higher, so it could pay for businesses to invest time and resources in G+

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