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How I Make $50,000 A Year By Blogging

I’ve had a great run, I used to make pennies on my blog, but I think it’s time to open up my books and let you in on some of my secrets. The Financial Blogger has had a lot of success doing this, and while it may get a little personal and offensive, I have made a ton of money and want to share my success with you, if possible. It won’t hurt me if you copy my strategy, so why not add more to the party?

First, you should know that this isn’t my only website. I own about 5 more sites, and they each bring in about $10,000 each year. There are several sources of revenue but most of it is private advertising from various advertising agencies who want to promote their product.

For the most part, each time someone clicks on an advertisement, my visitors get redirected to their site and they pay me a few dollars. The trick I’ve used it to find domain names that are hugely popular in terms of their search words.

This doesn’t work in all niches, but in this one it definitely does. For example, if I were to do this in the Personal Finance Niche, a great website would be I would have a great change to leap to the top of the Google rankings for a search of ‘personal finance.’

Obviously, someone else has already taken it, but there are other sites in other niches that haven’t been fully tapped.

The beauty of this whole operation is that I don’t actually sell anything on the sites, nor do I provide any valuable information. In fact, I set up a few of these sites so if users click on a link, not only do I get money, but the user gets bombarded with popups and each time they try and close one, they get two more. Each time this happens it counts as them clicking so a single visitor can net me upwards of $15!

Here are a few of my sites:

Do you guys have a problem with this? Are they unethical and should I be ashamed to make that much off of them? Or should I just enjoy what I have and quit my day job? After all, I was pretty innovative and should be rewarded for my smart thinking!

P.S. April Fools!



    • @Evan,

      Dude I was thinking the same thing. We need to get this started like 5 minutes ago. Forget April Fool’s.

  1. That was hilarious. But it really got me wondering about how many people actually do stuff like that online – and how much I don’t want my site to be like one of those constant pop up places.

  2. Good one! You might want to let your friends know that since you gave them two choices at the bottom – link to Maleenhancement or Barenakedgirls – you will be tracking which one they chose and publishing the results. :)

  3. Okay, so now I have to ask you. Have you seen any google traffic for these two phrases landing on this page? I really hope you do not start ranking for these terms :-)

  4. Hey that’s a great idea!

    On my new “money reasons for paintball” site, I’ve decided to put an overlay on top of my ad blocks, that offers free money if you click here. Then when the user mouses over and clicks, I intercept the click and remove my overlay, effectively having the user click on my ad (which will pay me money per click of course)… (sheer evil)… (muah ha ha)!

    Great A-joke! loved it!

  5. You are the funniest person ever, do you know I believed you and clicked on the link, because I really want to know how to make that kind of money too.

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