Hot and Cold Spots Around the US for Housing in 2018

When you are looking for the ideal location to start your life or just build a home, it seems like there are so many different locations in the United States alone that are great for living. However, if you want to live in an area known for their specific weather, then finding the best cold, hot, and lukewarm places to live is not going to be that easy. Luckily, we’ve done all the work for you so you can simply find your ideal place and get excited.

The Best Hot Places to Live

If you would prefer to live in a warmer place, there are several locations that you might consider living to enjoy the heat all year round.

One of the first places to live that have a hotter temperature is Modesto, California. In Modesto, you can experience around 22 days below freezing during the winter and as many as 82 days above 90-degrees Fahrenheit. The best part about living in Modesto is the 261 rough days that are clear or partly cloudy, giving you beautiful weather all year long.

Miami, Florida has one of the best climates in the United States. Their annual high temperature sits around 84-degrees Fahrenheit, and their low temperature is about 69-degree Fahrenheit each year. They only have about 128 days of precipitation each year as well, but the amount of sunshine and beautiful views make those few days worth it. Because of the beautiful weather, the Miami housing crisis has been a big issue, but it is worth it to find a home in the sunny place.

The Best Mild Places to Live

Many people prefer to live in more mild places where the weather is almost the same morning, night, and all year round.Another great place with a mild temperature to live in is Birmingham, Alabama. In this city, you can experience fewer days below freezing and fewer days above 90-degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. Birmingham even has about 210 days throughout the year that are partly cloudy or clear.It should come as no surprise that Honolulu, Hawaii would be on the list of the best places to live in the U.S. This city features no days below freezing and only 24 days above 90-degrees Fahrenheit. The best part about living in Honolulu is the 271 mean days with clear or partly cloudy days. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the warm weather in Hawaii.

The Best Cold Places to Live

If you prefer to live in colder places, there are several cities that you might consider right here in the United States.

Alaska is known for their cold days, and Fairbanks, Alaska is the best place to get your cold on. Their average monthly low temperature sits around -16.9-degree Fahrenheit, and their high temperature is only around 52.3-degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. To give you a chill, Fairbanks gets around 66.1 inches of annual snowfall.If you want something a little closer to the lower 48, Fargo, North Dakota is a great place to feel the chill. Their average low temperature sits around -3.1-degrees Fahrenheit, and their high temperature is around 56.3-degree Fahrenheit during the summer months.No matter where you choose to live, there are many locations throughout the United States that are hot, cold, or mild. Luckily, these places are welcoming to newcomers, and the weather just can’t be beaten!

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