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Homeownership Results to Stronger Long-Term Savings than Renting

With the price of real estate properties rising continuously, it’s almost discouraging to start saving up for your own property. It’s easier to settle on renting out a small space, and it’s a lot cheaper, too. However, looking at the big picture, owning your own house can result to long-term savings that renting couldn’t possibly allow.

Though mortgages aren’t created equal, fully understanding the fees, rates, and the ownership process leads to wiser decision-making. For example, learn to weigh the pros and cons of buying houses for sale on  real estate communities before jumping into that mortgage that will take you years to pay. Informed decisions in real estate investment can only lead to an amicable long-term saving.

Think of it as an investment.

Buying a house is an investment. The money you pay to your landlord every payday stays on your landlord’s pockets, but the money you put on your own property goes straight to your long-term investment. It’s a house that you can call yours, and every cent you invest in it goes straight to increasing its value.

Real estate value accrues over the years, and so is your rent. The only difference is that the former is beneficial to you while the latter is detrimental. As you continue paying for a one-bedroom apartment that won’t be yours in the long run, those who already started investing in real estate property can already see themselves owning the property in the next coming years.

Owning a house heightens your net worth.

Research conducted by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies shows that those who buy a house increase their wealth faster than those who settle on renting. There are many benefits to home ownership that can’t be compensated when you’re just renting.

For one, it serves as an economical security blanket in times of sudden unemployment or difficult financial times. It is can also be your hedge against inflation. Since real estate has its own value, inflation cannot easily affect its worth. Real estate properties can also be passed on to your children, something you cannot do with the apartment you’re renting today.

The key to a good investment is educating yourself. When you act on impulse, you’ll end up losing money than gaining more. However, when you properly weigh your options, such as when is the proper time to invest on a property and which real estate property to buy, it’s inevitable to succeed in the end.

Time and time again, it is statistically proven that buying a house leads to better long-term savings than renting. Plan carefully so that owning a house will be rewarding.


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