Guide to Finding the Best Video Conferencing Service for Your Business

Are you in a hurry to find the best video conferencing software? Don’t get too excited, because to find the best service, you must invest a little time and effort. Here is a quick guide on how you can find the software that best suits you.

Decide the What You Need the Software to Do

Do you want to conduct meeting with just one office or multiple offices? Do you have team members who are mobile? Do you need to record the sessions so you can archive and distribute later? These are the important questions to ask prior to looking for a video conferencing tool. It’s crucial that you identify the reasons for getting a video conference tool because you’ll know exactly what features to include.

What type of software do you need? Is it desktop-based or something more advanced, like cloud-based video conferencing? Sit down with your team and discuss how you are going to use the software. Make sure to cover all bases so you can make the right decision. A mistake can be costly, and no company wants to lose money over something like a video conference tool.

Consider How Often You Will Conduct Meetings with the Team

How often do you need to have meetings? Bigger companies are more likely to meet frequently because there are several departments that need to work together to take care of clients. Small to medium size businesses may also hold meetings often, depending on the type of work they do. Be certain about the frequency because this is an important factor. It will help you decide if you are going to go with flat rates or per-hour rates. Obviously, if your calendar is already filled, then the answer is clear: go with flat rate plans.

Determine Your Budget

How much you’re willing to spend on a video conference service will likely depend on the size of the company. Service providers offer different packages, and this is why you have to initially identify what you’ll need the tool for. You don’t want to pay for something that you can’t maximize.

For small businesses that have a very small budget, free video conference tools can be a good option. These work the same way as premium tools. The only difference is they don’t come with advanced features like recording, messaging, screen sharing, etc.

The prices for premium services have gone down, according to Computer World. In fact, some starts as low as $8 per month. Don’t dismiss paying for your video conferencing tool before you’ve compared your options.

Gather a List of Potential Providers

Go online and search for potential candidates. You can also ask referrals from colleagues and friends. Get as many names as possible. Put them on a spreadsheet, for easier tracking. You want to be able to compare services, fees, and reliability.

Once you have a list of the different video conferencing service providers, it’s time to check them out. You need to make sure that you are working with a company that values its mission and customers. You need to work with a business that doesn’t only have the skills and tools but also the passion for helping out clients. How do you know which companies are passionate about providing quality services to clients?

Seek out Former Clients

Ideally, these service providers will display the different businesses they’ve helped. You can find them either on the bottom part of the website or in a designated page. Check these and take note of the former clients. Get their contact details and start reaching out to them. Let them know why you’re contacting them and ask what they thought of the service they got. The information you can get from this is valuable and can help you quickly decide which video conferencing tool to use.

Explain Your Needs

After talking to former clients, you can narrow down the list. Pursue only those who got positive reviews. Reach for the phone and talk to a representative. You can pay them a visit if you’re near the office. Talk about your needs. Let them know what your business needs and what specific features you’re looking for. Since they’re the experts, they will be able to give you recommendations on which plans to choose. Make sure also that you are clear with your budget. That way they can start thinking about which plans suit you best.

Check for Security

Video conferencing is done over the web, which is a place where hackers lurk, waiting for the right time to prey on unsuspecting victims. To secure your company data, find a service provider that has strong security features. It must complement the current security requirements of your company, so you don’t need to worry about losing critical information to hackers.

When looking for the best video conferencing tool for your business, the first thing to do is to refrain from going with the first company you see. Don’t be carried away by the exceptional way they pitched their services to you. Consider other choices and then, when you have enough information to back up your decision, pick the one that meets most of your requirements.

Once you’ve settled with one, make sure that you test it. According to, it’s important to run a series of tests to know if your software is functioning as it should.

Guide to Finding the Best Video Conferencing Service for Your Business

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