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Got Money Questions? 3 Sites You Need to Check Out

I do a ton of reading in my free time, and I always have idea floating through my head. There are about 30 times a day when I think of a question I can’t answer, and when I do, I go to one of three places. They are all similar in that they are user driven in that users ask the questions AND provide the answers. So when you ask, you’re getting down to earth advice from people who have experience.

Nobody knows everything, but if people contribute a little but in their own way, we are all better off.

Here are the three sites I use as well as an interesting question from each one:

Cash Commons: Should you give kids an allowance? Or should you have them “hustle?”

Basically Money: I’m thinking of getting a new card…why SHOULDN’T I lease one?

Mint Answers – this is a new site, but I think it will get incredibly popular because of their huge fanbase: What is a CD ladder?



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