Google Reader Is Dead: Here’s How To Get Your Content

Many of you may know that Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st (that’s on Monday!) so it’s time to find alternatives to keep getting your content.

I use Google Reader daily to read all the articles I find interesting, inlcuding about 150 personal finance blogs. Having a place to aggregate all that content is really important to me so having Google shut down Google Reader is a big disappointment.

If you don’t currently get blog updates and just check the site whenever you remember, there are a few very easy ways you can stay up to date.

Best Alternatives to Google Reader

When Google Reader is gone, I’m simply going to change where I read all those articles. The best alternative I’ve found so far is Feedly. It imports all your Google Reader subscriptions automatically (but make sure to do it in the next few days!) and is very easy to use. I highly recommend checking it out!

Get Posts Delivered To Your Inbox

Another alternative is to sign up for my email subscription, which automatically sends each new post to your inbox. You get a nice email from me a couple times a week and you can read it whenever you have time. I never spam and this only signs you up for my RSS posts. No other emails and even if I had someone to sell your email address to, I wouldn’t do it.

For your convenience, here’s an email subscription box for you:

Subscribe by Email

Take Action Now Or Get Left Behind!

Whichever option your prefer, make sure you take action today! There’s no more putting this off because Google Reader will be gone by the time I post my next post on Monday.

Google Reader Is Dead: Here’s How To Get Your Content

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6 thoughts on “Google Reader Is Dead: Here’s How To Get Your Content

  1. For those like me who were content with the Google Reader interface, the Old Reader is the best option. It’s essentially Google Reader’s exact interface, maybe circa 2010-11.

  2. I started with Feedly but there was something about it I didn’t like. Then I started using Outlook and that worked great! I generally only check my feed on my lunch breaks anyway.

    Unfortunately, some of our email accounts changed at work and everything stopped syncing. So now I’m back to web-based and using The Old Reader. While there are some nuances about it that I wish they would fix, it is EXACTLY what I want in a reader in that it is a reader and only a reader. Love it.

    1. @Leslie Beslie, Check out feedly again, now you can check it online instead of having to install the extension, which makes it was easier!

  3. I’ve switched to commafeed. It behaves the most like google reader does. I did not like Feedly or the old reader’s interface at all.

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