How to Furnish a Luxe Bedroom on a Little Budget

When it comes to adding or replacing furniture in your home, the price tags can be daunting. Quality pieces of furniture are not cheap, and careful planning and budgeting needs to take place during these types of projects.

While you may be drawn to the pricey furniture stores, you’re likely to be discouraged by the high cost of the items that they sell. However, that doesn’t mean that you should avoid those shops entirely. Take a look and learn which styles you like. You can take that inspiration with you when you shop for more affordable pieces for your new bedroom.

When you’re ready to totally change up your bedroom’s furniture and style, try some of these money-saving tips that are high on style and creativity, and low on price.

The Go-To Bed

While some might tend to focus on their bedding and linens when revamping a bedroom, the most important part is what lies beneath. Your mattress is crucial to your quality of sleep, and the purchase of a new one is a good investment. Experts say that a good mattress can last eight to 10 years, so when you buy a new one it is money well spent.

There are several types to consider in many different price ranges. Visit your local mattress store to get an idea of what’s available. However, you need not be shocked by the price tags. For instance, if you’re eyeing the pricey mattress with the adjustable firmness, it’s good to know that there are less expensive models available that offer the exact same features.

Get Thrifty

Thrift stores are great places to pick up a variety of furnishings for your bedroom. While not all of it will be in pristine condition picking up used pieces of furniture gives you the opportunity to refinish your finds to make them uniquely yours.

When choosing thrift store furniture that you’d like to refinish, there are a few things to keep in mind. Look for pieces in solid wood that display minimal cracks or chips. Solid wood furniture is easy to paint or stain, and you can fill in any minor holes or cracks with minimal fuss. Laminate furniture does not offer you the same luxury.

Thrift stores are also wonderful places to pick up quirky art or other decorative items.

DIY Not?

Even if you’ve never held a hammer or you can’t tell the difference between a saw and a drill, chances are that you could still build yourself something special for your bedroom. All you need are the materials and the tools, an experienced friend or a Homeclick video online to show you the basics.

Reclaimed wood is a hot item these days, and it can be found at specialty shops and recycling centers in almost every city in the United States. This type of wood has character and history, and, as it’s generally a few decades old, it has a patina and a finish that you’ll usually only find on pricey antiques.

Construct a headboard or a platform for your new mattress with this beautiful wood and watch your bedroom take shape. All you’ll need is a pattern that can be found online and the tools to do the job. Once the wood is cut, put together, and stained or painted you’ll have a showpiece that you can really take pride in.

Paint By Numbers

Perhaps the easiest and most dramatic way that you can change your bedroom is with paint. A new color totally transforms your room and gives you a brand new palette from which you can expand with other new decorative touches.

If you’re new to color, consider painting a simple accent wall to start. If you’ve already had experience with colorful walls, use this opportunity to try something new. Choose complementary colors and dress up your space with two or three different hues. Paint the trim or the molding in a contrasting color for even more drama. You can even try a funky pattern on the ceiling. Paint truly allows you to let your personality shine through while simultaneously drastically altering the look of your bedroom.

Furnishing or refurbishing a bedroom is a lot fun and it can be as pricey or as inexpensive as you want it to be. A little creativity goes a long way, as does some thrifty planning. Focus on one big purchase, like a good-quality mattress, then find resourceful ways to buy, build, or find the rest of the things that you need. Before you know it your brand new luxe bedroom will be your favorite room in the house.

How to Furnish a Luxe Bedroom on a Little Budget

Sweating the Big Stuff

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