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Free Bill Optimization Giveaway!

I absolutely hate to see people wasting money on phone, Internet, and cable bills. It drives me crazy when people pay extra for features they don’t use or have 3 text message plans on the account for $15 each when a $30 one would make texts unlimited for the whole family.

A good friend of mine, Jason, is starting a side business of negotiating on the customer’s behalf to help reduce the cost of monthly bills. He, like I, wants to help people save money by eliminating unnecessary expenses. Here’s his story of how he helped an older couple on Sunday:

I traveled with my girlfriend to her grandparents’ house to help with things around the house and to chat with them.  They happened to be opening their internet and cable bill as I entered. Being that I like helping them for obvious reasons and because I seem to have a knack for lowering bills, I asked them to see their bill. Upon first glance, I noticed they were paying $90 more than I was per month and didn’t even have as many features as I did. They had very basic cable and internet and were paying $150. Part of that was for a rental fee on five cable boxes, but $150 still seemed ridiculous to me.

I placed a call to one of my favorite (NOT!) companies: Comcast. A nice man got on the phone and the party began. I asked him how they pay so much a month and he told me that they pay regular price for both with no deals included. Since everyone has some kind of deal, I told him how I saw on the internet that they have a bundle for $69.99 a month. After a while of looking around probably at nothing, he said the best he could do was $79.99 a month. That was way better than $110, so I agreed. He then quoted me a new price and said the taxes would be $10. I had just saved them $30 a month, but somehow the taxes increased, and being the math person that I am, I could not let this go.

I asked him how the taxes could be higher on a lower bill. The customer service representative didn’t have an explanation and could not even try to give me one. Since we agreed that taxes can’t be more when the bill is less, I asked for a $4 credit. Instantly he said that it sounded reasonable and I had just saved her grandparents $34 a month. That savings comes out to $408 yearly.

Jason has graciously offered to help 3 people who sign up through this contest for free. His usual fee is the first month’s savings (that’s only 8% of you SAVINGS!) and he saves the average customer over $300 per year. This isn’t for someone who calls every 3 days to negotiate their bills, but there are plenty of people who just don’t know where to get started. Jason can help you. For free!

You may earn entries in three ways:

1. Earn one entry by emailing [email protected] and requesting his service. Mention the site!

2. There will be a special post sent only to RSS and email readers on Sunday with instructions to confirm submission, which must by done by Sunday at 8am EST. If you are already a subscriber, you will get this email, too!).

3. Earn two entries by following me on Twitter.

4. Leave a comment at the contest page.

I will pick the three winners using and on Sunday will contact the winners as well as announce them on the blog.

Good Luck!!


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