Follow the Followills Around the World: Kings of Leon Tour the Globe with Come Around Sundown

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Thinking of something to do with your holiday money? Why not follow your favorite bands around the world on their tours? Kings of Leon are one band embarking on a world tour this year, stopping off in places as far as Melbourne, Australia. Why don’t you join them?

It seems a long time now since the Kings of Leon were a little unknown thrashy Southern rock and blues inspired band supporting The Strokes on their second album, Room on Fire. It was a long time ago; it was 2003! And a lot has passed. The members of Kings of Leon have had their share of ups and downs throughout their career, with a couple of famous bust-ups between the members as well as the well documented and sung about abuse of drugs, alcohol, women, and anything worth doing an excess of.

While they formed in 1999, it was in 2003 that their first release, Youth and Young Manhood thrust them in to the limelight. 8 years have passed since, and Kings of Leon have most definitely come out from behind the shadow of The Strokes. While not a bad band to be compared to, the Kings of Leon have come in to their own, leaving any comparisons between them and The Strokes behind. As far as album releases go, even in their lesser time of being, KOL have released more records than the strokes, with their longest period between albums coming from the completion of their second and anticipation of their third album.

The Kings of Leon have been able to come from a small venue thrashing band to being one of the biggest stadium filling bands of recent times. The Kings of Leon sound has evolved over time from a close proximity, intense Southern rock band, to an almost atmospheric band, creating sounds perfect for the echoing and booming of a stadium or festival sound system.

The Followill family band, led by Caleb, have released 5 albums, the latest being the acclaimed Come around Sundown, released in late 2010. The album was recorded in their home town of Nashville, Tennessee as well as partly in New York. Their newest release heralded a melancholic return to their grungier routes; a melancholic return that reflects their newly settled and calmer lifestyles.

Those in or travelling to Perth can see the Kings of Leon perform tracks such as the recently released single Back Down South from their new album, as well as their old favorites at the nib Stadium, located at 310 Pier Street, East Perth. Kings of Leon perform at the nib Stadium on the 19th of November 2011. American Express credit card holders can pay for part or all of their tickets using collected Membership Rewards points. Travelers may also benefit from the new Velocity platinum card.

Follow the Followills Around the World: Kings of Leon Tour the Globe with Come Around Sundown

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