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Five Easy, Quick, and Cheap Easter Ideas

Easter can sometimes catch people off guard, but they still want to celebrate the holiday in some way. However, this will require you to come up with easy and cheap ideas you can quickly whip out during the holiday. We have five suggestions to help you bring some fun to your Easter day without hurting your wallet.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

If you want something simple and fun for people, you can play some Pin the Tail on the Bunny. For this game, you just have to print out a bunny and a tail you can use. You can also draw a picture of a bunny and use that instead. Depending on what you feel like doing, you also have the option to get ears you can pin on the bunny. 

Write or Read an Easter Story

You can create an Easter story and read it to the kids. This will make the activity fun if you write it since you can create an original story no one’s heard before. If you don’t want to write your own story, you can easily look one up online and share it with others. This way, everyone can have some fun as you sit around and read a story together. 

Paint Eggs

This is a common activity, but it stands out as a simple and easy one. You don’t have to spend that much money on eggs and food dye to enjoy some Easter egg painting. This activity works well for people of all ages since you can have some fun as you all paint and interact with each other, making it an enjoyable activity for social and artsy people.

Play Bunny Tag

This one works well if you have a large family or multiple kids over. Bunny Tag is a game that follows the normal rules of tag, except everyone who isn’t it must run away by hopping. This works well for families of all ages since whoever is it will have an easier time catching everyone. Everyone who gets tagged must sit on the ground until the game ends.

Watch an Easter Movie

You can always turn on the TV and watch an Easter movie. You could probably go through your channels and find something everyone can enjoy. Otherwise, you can rent a movie, buy one online, or even grab a DVD copy if you plan to watch it again. You could even build up a movie collection to watch whenever Easter rolls around, so everyone can enjoy it together.


You can have tons of fun on Easter, even if you don’t plan a giant Easter egg hunt. You can look into multiple options and pick something that appeals to you, your family, and your friends. These five ideas work well if you don’t have too much time, money, or resources to prepare some Easter activities. Feel free to take advantage these ideas, so you can bring some fun to this holiday.


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