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Financial spread betting: a dream come true

Those of us with an eye for a profit will have occasionally glanced at the trading markets and wondered just how much fun we could have if we were let loose there for a while. The general answer is, well quite a bit, if only we could find the time and the level of capital to make it a viable proposition.

But here’s the thing. Thanks to the ever increasing sophistication of the world’s digital infrastructure the means now exists to play the world’s markets at level that is realistically affordable and, what’s more, that doesn’t involve surrendering cash in dealing fees, commissions or taxes.

The catch? There is no catch. Here’s how it works.

Deriving from a hybridization of the online gambling industry and the world’s major trading floors Financial Spread Betting allows ordinary people to stake modest amounts against movements in the world’s trading markets. No actual buying and selling of stocks or currencies takes place, all that happens is that bets are made against the fluctuations in specific markets.

Because nothing is actually traded the whole process is incredibly streamlined and that is why it is entirely free of both taxes and dealing fees. All of a sudden the Hollywood dream of making it big on the basis of some market insight is within our grasp.

The gaming equation is eminently straightforward and can lead to quite startling returns. For every dollar that is wagered the player earns the same again for every point that the market moves. A one dollar bet on a five point swing returns five bucks, a ten dollar bet, fifty dollars – and so on. The only downside is that losses are calculated in the same way as wins. You choose when you cash out.

What makes this so exciting is that access to this form of investment-gambling has been made so widely available to the open market courtesy of providers such as Tradefair and City Index – to name but two – who have invested heavily in state-of-the art digital technologies that can give players instant access to over 3,200 different international markets.

Whether you have insight into the motor industry in the US, the game industry in Japan or simply the geopolitical state of the Yen, there is now a way to leverage that knowledge. There are sites like to help you through the technicalities, and there is even a book on how to maximize your returns.

Tradefair’s offering is a good example of the range of markets and investment tools that are available to anyone with access to the internet. Their trading facilities are accessible using smartphone technologies as well as more static laptops and pcs. Different software suites are available according to how much information you feel you need, and there are reassuringly comprehensive demonstration programmes as well that will let you get up to speed before you have to start parting with your cash. You can tell these guys are in it for the long haul.

The smartphone app is – in reality – pitched at experienced players rather than newbies, but once you’re up to speed it enables quickfire in-and-out trades from any location. That cliché of a trader shouting down the phone ‘buy, buy’ is closer (and a lot quieter quieter) than you might imagine!

Since an eye for a rewarding offer is something that invariably goes down well it’s worth noting the introductory and recommendation offers that are available. For example, at the time of going to press Tradefair are offering an introductory bonus (i.e. free money!) of up to £1,000 and, what’s more they are offering additional £50 credits for the first five introductions you make to them. Even without the introductory bonus – it varies according to how much you load into your account – that’s a free £250 to get started with.

For those who like their investments to be based on what they know – or can research – Financial Spread Betting looks like a very good bet indeed.


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