Festival of Frugality #216

Welcome to Sweating the Big Stuff and to the Festival of Frugality #216.

This is my first time hosting a festival, so for those who don’t know, a carnival or festival is a round-up of articles on a topic and is hosted by a different blog each week.

Since this week was all about the Super Bowl, so I thought I’d split up the posts into corresponding parts of a football team. Enjoy!

Super Bowl MVPs (Most Virtuous Picks):

Joe from Personal Finance By The Book presents Tax Refund? How You Should Use It and Why You Should Lose It.

MD of Studenomics presents 8 Principles for a Frugal College Student to Follow.

Darwin’s Finance presents How Much Could You Reduce Your Budget if You Get Laid Off?

My Dollar Plan presents Throw a 50th Wedding Anniversary on a Budget.

Quarterbacks (Putting up Points):

Kyle of Suburban Dollar presents 3 Website that Save Me Money.

Paul of Provident Planning presents Thrift Store Bargains.

David of Personal Finance Analyst presents Cars for Under 500 Dollars: How to Find Them.

Defensive Line (Preventing the Enemy from Scoring):

The Sun’s Financial Diary presents 7 Ways to Control Spending When You Have Out-of-Town Guests.

Rachel of Quirky Momma presents Pinch those Pennies: 50 Tips to be Frugal.

Craig of Money Help For Christians presents 10 Unique, Personalized, and Cheap Valentines Day Gifts.

Tom of FSC Blog presents Tips to Lowering Your Cable Bill.

Katie of OC Mom’s Activity Guide presents Cost Saving Make at Home Specialty Coffee Recipes.

Tom of Canadian Finance Blog presents Reduce Your Electricity Bill By Choosing An LCD TV Instead Of Plasma.

Steve of Propose To My Girlfriend presents Cheap Wedding Plans: How to Save A Bundle of Money on Your Dream Wedding.

Coaches (Planning for the Future):

Credit Shout presents How To: Manage Your Credit with Mint.com.

Silicon Valley Blogger of The Digerati Life presents Best High Yield Savings Accounts.

Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents presents There’s Room for Life Insurance in Your Budget.

Gather Little by Little presents Our Bank Network.

Patrick of Cash Money Life presents How Much Should You Leave Your Children’s Guardians in Your Will.

The Smarter Wallet presents Managing Our Family Finances During A Jobless Recovery.

Rookies (Learning Lessons):

Mike of The Frugal Law Student presents Is Law School Worth The Cost?

Bob of Christian Personal Finance presents A Bunch of Great Ways to Save Money.

Patrick of Military Finance Network presents What Kind of Insurance Do You Need?

Condo Blues presents Keep in the Heat: Insulate Outlets and Switches.

Kickers (Short but to the Point):

Jason of Live Real, Now presents Clearing Up Social Debt in 3 Steps.

Yasmeen guests posts at PT Money with Stay Slim on a Trimmed Budget: Inexpensive Healthy Foods.

Free From Broke presents Eating Well On A Budget.

Referees (Enforcing the Rules):

Matt from Debt Free Adventure presents TurboTax – Prepare Taxes Online – Free eFile.

FIRE Finance presents Donating an Old Car May Not Be Tax Deductible.

Joel of Credit Card Chaser presents Government Help for Credit Card Debt: Grants, Loans, & Other Mythical Creatures.

Offensive Live (Under Appreciated, But Some of My Favorites):

Lean Life Coach of Eliminate the Muda presents We Canceled My Wife’s Life Insurance.

Neal of Wealth Pilgrim presents Free Weight Loss Program Still Working and Paying Unexpected Dividends.

J. Money of Budgets are Sexy presents 6 Questions to Financially Get to Know Each Other.

Free Money Finance Presents Top Six Mindless Money Wasters.

Dough Roller presents List of Free Prepaid Credit Cards.

Wide Receivers (Flashy):

Big Cajun Man of Canadian Personal Finance Blog presents Financial Shock Collar.

Thanks for all of those who submitted articles, and head over to the Festival of Frugality page to submit articles for next week or host the festival yourself.

Festival of Frugality #216

Sweating the Big Stuff

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