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FedEx Misdelivered My Package. Why I Feel Guilty About It.

On Thanksgiving, I bought a few pairs of shoes from Famous Footwear. They were having a “buy one, get 50% off a second pair” promotion, so I took advantage to get running shoes and a pair of casual shoes. At $75 total (my last pair of running shoes cost over $100), I had to at least check them out. And if I hated them, I could return them and eat the cost of FedEx shipping.

Of course, a few hours after buying the shoes, I found a pair of New Balances I liked more and bought those for $25. So I would be returning my Famous Footwear purchases.

My Shoes Were Never Delivered

My first shipment from Famous Footwear arrived with my running shoes. I was going to return them anyway, so I set them aside and planned on making a trip to the store when the other pair arrived, likely a few days later.

A few days went by and still nothing. I looked online, and apparently, they had been shipped via FedEx, which showed that they had been delivered already.

I called them up asking how that was possible, they said to wait another day to be sure. Nothing. They told me to check with neighbors, none of whom took in a package for me, but there was a door tag a few doors down from FedEx. I looked up the tracking number on there, and sure enough, they had been delivered to their door. I vaguely remember seeing a package at their door a few days earlier, but since I don’t check all of my neighbors’ packages, never thought anything of it.

Easy enough, I can just ask my neighbors for my shoes back, right? Wrong! Turns out they had moved out over the weekend and the apartment is currently empty. So either they took them with them (unlikely, I think they left before they were delivered and wouldn’t have left the door tag there) or someone saw that there was a package at a door for several days and decided they should take it.

At least the mystery was solved, I could go to FedEx and have them reimburse me for the shoes. They sent someone out to take a look around, and the following day someone came by again. They realized that they delivered the shoes to the wrong door, and asked how much the shoes were worth. Lauren told them $50 (because we were able to return one pair for $25), and the woman (the FedEx driver) explained that if the shoes weren’t found, she would be responsible for them out of her own pocket.

That made us feel really guilty.

Who Should Pay for a Misdelivered Package?

We didn’t want this poor woman who was trying to do her job and left the box 20 feet from its destination to have to pay her hard-earned money for our shoes!

We didn’t do anything wrong, so of course we didn’t want to pay for them. Why should we be out $50?

Famous Footwear didn’t do anything wrong, so why should they be responsible for them? But if it’s a corporation versus this woman, isn’t it better if they suck up a $50 mistake?

It was FedEx’s mistake, we wanted the corporation to pay for it. If the woman had a history of misdeliveries or wasn’t good at her job, they shouldn’t employ her, but if she works for them, she shouldn’t be responsible for a little mistake like this.

I called FedEx and explained that she shouldn’t be responsible. They said they have a way of taking care of it, that it wasn’t up to the department I was speaking to, but wouldn’t give me any real details.

Getting My Money Back

I returned the running shoes for $25 (I returned them first, so to avoid people buying shoes and returning the expensive pair, the first ones are returned as if they had been bought with a 50% discount), and assumed that Famous Footwear would credit me with the remaining $50. Wrong! They put back $25 on the card because the shoes that were never delivered were actually the ones I got for 50% off.

This really annoyed me, and when I called, they said sorry, but they couldn’t do anything about it. So I was out $25 plus FedEx shipping for a product that I never even received! I spoke to a supervisor, who cleared things up and agreed to refund the rest of the money owed to me, plus FedEx shipping charges.

A few days later, I saw that they credited me with an extra $2, which I assume is their way of saying ‘sorry for the hassle.’



  1. I understand why you feel guilty. But the FedEx delivery person was wrong! She did her job wrong. She delivered the box to the wrong address. It was her mistake. She should have to pay for it, then maybe she’ll be more careful in the future.

    • I know, I know, but it was right around the holidays! If every mistake I made at my job cost me money, it wouldn’t be worth it, I’d be putting too much at risk!

      • I worked as a cashier at a grocery store for a summer and worked the service counter a lot. This was where customers could buy cigarettes and lottery tickets. Every lottery ticket that was printed, had to be paid for. Even if it was wrong.

        One time when entering a customer’s numbers for a ticket, I typed them in wrong and he refused to buy the ticket. Since this was my mistake, I had to buy the ticket myself. Yes, that mistake only cost me a $1. But I learned to be very careful when using the lottery register from then on out.

  2. Wow, that’s crazy! But I would feel guilty too because I wouldn’t want anyone to get in trouble, especially during the holidays.

  3. Ugh, what a yucky story all around. ITA that FedEx should be able to spot a delivery person the occasional mistake. It was really a comedy of errors.

  4. I, too, have issue with the driver being held responsible for the price of the package. There are several scenarios I can imagine where your package might not have wound up in your hands — say she left it on your doorstep and someone stole it. Is she still on the hook for that? And, how do we know if the package label was smudged or torn or had some type of stain on it and the house number was difficult to read? Sure, she might be completely at fault due to a careless error…but maybe not. Going after the driver for the $50 is somewhat surprising to me.

    Btw, did UPS do something wrong in this scenario? I see the headline refers to UPS, but the post itself is referring to FedEx.

  5. Wow, I had no idea that the driver is responsible for packages that are delivered to the wrong place. I’m sure everyone makes a mistake here and there and that poor driver was probably stressed to the max (I can only imagine how many packages they deliver per day during the holidays). I’m glad everything got worked out.

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