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Facebook Giveaway!

Remember when I promised giveaways? Well here they come! I’ve started a Facebook page and as a way of promoting it, I’m going to be giving away books and gift certificates!

The Facebook page will be a place where I’ll post the best articles each week from Sweating The Big Stuff, I’ll have special Facebook only giveaways, and hopefully we’ll get some user participation! Whether you’re actually interested or you just want some free stuff, come check out the page and “like” it today!

We’ll be giving away three books:

  • Two copies of “Enjoy Your Money: How to Make It, Save It, Invest It and Give It” by J. Steve Miller.
  • One copy of “America, Welcome to the Poorhouse” by Jane White.

There are two ways to enter.

1. “Like” the Sweating The Big Stuff
2. Tweet about this giveaway – or copy and paste this: Facebook Group Giveaway at Sweating The Big Stuff (via @DanielPacker) – Just be sure to include @DanielPacker (one entry)

On another note, since I won’t be doing the Best of the Rest this Sunday (vacation takes priority), I wanted to give a shoutout to the carnivals I was in, especially to Mrs. Micah for selecting my article, Why Squeezing Every Last Penny Out of Savings Accounts Isn’t Worth It as one of the Best of Money articles this week. This carnival is cool because the host selects the 10 best articles submitted each week. It’s a first for me and it’s truly an honor!

I also participated in the Carnival of Money Stories hosted by Personal Finance Journey with Dani’s guest post Money Stories: Not Eating Out For A Week.

I took part in the Money Hackers Carnival hosted by Yes, I Am Cheap with my post Do You Spend More Than You Need?

Finally, I participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance hosted by Canadian Finance Blog with my the same Why Squeezing Every Last Penny Out of Savings Accounts Isn’t Worth It. (Having the same article submitted to both was an accident. I originally submitted to the Best of Money Carnival for last week and when I wasn’t selected, added it to the Carnival of Personal Finance. Oops!)



  1. Awesome! Congrats on the recognition.

    I will like your page only if you like mine ;) I’ll check it out tonight – great job!

    **You go to the happy hour?

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