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Enjoy a Cheap Vacation by Camping

Is it getting more expensive every year to take a family vacation? When I was single, taking an exotic vacation was no big deal. I was able to find some cheap plane tickets online and then negotiated my way into some nice hotel stays for a minimal cost. Now I am starting to notice families that are taking trips and realizing that the cost has to be astronomical! They don’t have the expense of just one person like I did when I was single. No, they have the cost of 4 or 5 people (or more)! Instead of a $600 vacation like I used to take, theirs would be more like $3,000 to do the same thing! After you start a family, the days of Aruba are most likely behind you. The best, most inexpensive way to vacation is by camping!

What You Need to Camp

If you’re extremely rustic, you can head to the backwoods with nothing but your transportation and a tent. For the most part, this vacation is absolutely free outside of the initial cost of the tent! You could create some amazing stories this way too!

If you’re like the typical family, you might want a little bit more protection than that vinyl tent that you have from college. Here’s a list of cheap items that you’ll need if you’re going to head to the campground with a camper behind you.

Caravan Insurance from DNA – before you head anywhere, you’re going to want to make sure that camper you’re towing is insured. There’s nothing worse than heading out on vacation, getting into an accident, and then realizing that your expensive camper was without insurance! Check out Caravan insurance online before making the drive.

Swimsuit – If you’re camping, I bet there’s a lake to swim in. Take your swimsuit and you’ll have hours of fun and relaxation ahead of you.

Fishing Pole – That lake isn’t only good for swimming. Take your fishing rod and tackle and cast it out there a few times! Even if you catch absolutely nothing, it’s still peaceful out there by that lake.

Hiking shoes – If your campground is in the back woods, I bet there are quite a few trails in the area that you can take hikes on. Lace up your shoes and experience some nature! P.S. Nature is best without your smartphone.

Bicycles – If you have room, be sure to take your bicycles with you. Sometimes there are places that are just too far to walk (especially with kids), but they are the perfect distance for taking your bike! It’s a cheap, fun way to explore a new area and get some exercise at the same time! If you haven’t biked for a while, don’t get too ambitious. I think we’ve all done that before and then woke up extremely sore the next day!

Board Games – We all know that the weather just can’t be perfect all the time, so be ready for those rainy days. All you need is a couple of board games and maybe a deck of cards and you’ll be all set!



  1. Ah yes good ‘ol camping.

    I’ve been going camping since I was 10.

    It is one of the best ways to grow up. I have great memories of hiking and exploring that a lot of children will never have the opportunity to understand.

    I think with the growth of technology today, it would be a great chance to take a break from it all.

  2. I love camping, but we don’t do it very much anymore. Being that my parents now have a cabin on a lake, we tend to just head up there when we want a mini vacation. This is really fun and always really cheap (especially when my parents are up there and buy the food!).

  3. Some of my fondest memories with family and friends were made camping. I can’t stress enough how great the outdoors are for fostering relationships.

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