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Emotional Support Letter And Dogs Can Aid Those With Mental Illnesses

Living alone is very challenging, forcing many into a depressive state and isolation. Many of these individuals do not have family members to communicate with or to lean on in their time of need. No one wants to live like this, but unfortunately there are no options available to these individuals. Instead of giving up on life and isolating yourself in a confined space, you should consider getting an emotional support animal. These animals are trained to assist individuals that suffer with mental illness. Just having an animal by your side, will definitely improve your life for the better.

Mental Disorder

Mental illness is very common in the United States and worldwide. Individuals that are diagnosed with mental illness will exhibit mental and behavioral issues. These issues will affect the individual’s life in so many different aspects, making it extremely difficult for them to function in the world. Some individuals will exhibit relapses, with episodes of feeling healthy without symptoms. However, others will exhibit signs and symptoms of their illness on a daily basis.

There are a wide variety of mental disorders and a mental health professional is the only one that can diagnose your condition. Many of these disorders are similar, making it even more difficult to pinpoint the actual diagnoses.

Feeling alone

Mentally ill people tend to push their family and friends away, because they are ashamed of their illness. Many feel that they cannot openly speak about their illness. They are afraid of being judged, so they decide to become more and more isolated from the real world. A service animal can assist you in your time of need. The animal will never judge or ridicule you no matter what. However, there are many roadblocks that you and your service animal will face.

Housing Difficulties

It is not uncommon for individuals who own emotional support animals to face difficulties with housing and traveling. Many airlines refuse to allow the animal to accompany the individual on an airplane. Landlords can also be just as difficult, but do not fret, because there is hope out there for you. With an emotional support letter, your animal will never be refused accommodations. In fact, most airlines are more than willing to assist individuals and their animal, with all their travel needs. All you need to do is present the document to an airline official, before buying your tickets.

The same goes with the landlord, just present the letter and receive the keys to your new apartment, condo, or flat. Never allow these people to run your life and tell you that you dog is not welcome in their establishment. Instead, apply for an ESA letter and never be bothered with this issue again.

Online Assessment

When applying for an ESA letter, you will need to undergo an online mental health consultation. You will speak directly with a mental health professional, which will determine your eligibility. This process only takes about 10 to 15 minutes and can be completed right over the phone. Once you are approved for the certification, the document will be emailed to you.


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