Does it Really Pay to Buy Online? Find Out How Much You Could Be Saving

Did you know that shopping online can save you money on items that you regularly purchase in person? I don't know why you'd ever go to a store again.Are you someone who loves to shop? If so, did you know that shopping online can save you a lot of money on items that you regularly purchase in-person? Sure, buying online can feel a little foreign for some people – but it doesn’t need to be. Buying some things online can be much cheaper than purchasing them in person, and the time savings is an added bonus!

Coupon and Rebate Sites That Can Save You THOUSANDS

There are many prominent coupon sites that you can use to save money on all kinds of items, including,, and, to name a few. Rebate sites like or can provide you with cash back on purchases made on any of their deal sites. When you start to add up these savings, you’ll quickly realize just how much money can be saved by purchasing stuff online rather than in-person.

Shop at Costco? Here’s a Quick Tip

Did you know that you can shop for thousands of items at that can’t be found in their club store? Just to prove a point, compare their online baby diaper and baby wipes prices to their in-store prices (hint: the online prices are almost always cheaper). Their high-demand commodity item pricing will most likely beat any rebate or coupon site out here.

Sites Like eBay or Amazon Can Save You on Electronics

Are you looking to buy a tablet, laptop, smartphone, or television this coming holiday? Then consider purchasing it on eBay or Amazon. It’s common to save 10% or more on your favorite electronic items when shopping through these online outlets.

On eBay specifically, you can take advantage of their bidding platform, which can save you up to 30% on these same items. Are you worried about warranties and returns? Don’t worry – both Amazon and eBay also offer warranties, and they’ll most likely be cheaper than in-store warranties.

Give Daily Deals Sites A Try

Groupon and LivingSocial (among others) provide discounts on everyday items related to restaurants, services, travel, and both indoor and outdoor activities.

Looking to save 15% at your favorite seafood restaurant? There’s a Groupon for that. Want a discount on baseball tickets? There’s a Groupon for that too. Before purchasing anything in-person, always look it up on Groupon first. It’s one of the most reliable ways to save money when buying online.

Overcoming The “But I Want My Item Now!” Mentality

We get it – you’re someone who wants your item now. Some people don’t shop online because they don’t want to wait 7-14 days to receive their items. But don’t fall for this myth! On most e-commerce websites, you can request expedited or one-day shipping that still costs less than if you were to purchase the item in-store. And with Amazon Prime, items ship with free 2-day shipping, so if you don’t need your item today, it’s worth the short wait.

So if you purchase your item Monday morning, 2-day shipping means your package will arrive by Wednesday afternoon. Waiting just two days can save you 10% to 40% on the items you’re interested in purchasing. Pretty good deal, wouldn’t you agree?

Does it Really Pay to Buy Online? Find Out How Much You Could Be Saving

Sweating the Big Stuff

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