Decorating a Property to Rent Out: Top Tips

Once you have purchased a property to let and done the necessary renovations, it is time to decorate. Although you may own the property, always keep in mind that you will not be the one who will be living in it. You must therefore decorate accordingly, trying to please potential tenants and not think about what you would like if you were the one renting it.

Who is Your Target Market?

The main consideration when you are starting to decorate is who you are aiming to rent the property too. Not one style fits all, so always keep that ideal tenant in mind. For instance, you may be putting your property on the student rental market. If you are, then keep it simple as all students have their own individual personalities and they will want to make their own mark. By giving them plain walls they will be able to put up posters, lists and photos where they please. You will most likely also need to provide full furniture as the majority of students will have moved from a different city and have left their furniture at home.

However, if you are aiming on renting to a family, it may be best to add a bit of character to the home. Stay with on trend designs and colors that are not too daring as you don’t want to put people off. You could also create areas which are specifically for different ages such as a play room for the children and a snug for the adults to wind down in. The majority of furniture will not need to be provided for families and couples, but you could always make sure that you have a few spare items in case they are not fully prepared.

For young professionals, minimalism is the way to go. Use simple features with light colors to give a clean finish. Always make sure you keep your target market in mind throughout the whole process as the end result depends on being able to attract tenants.

How Much Rent Are You Charging?

You will have researched the market and be aware of the guideline prices for a similar type of property to the one you are renting out. If this is a large amount, or you are aiming to ask for more then you must decorate to impress. Use quality products and decorate with plush accessories to really give the sense of luxury. Adding a few silk cushions here and there could actually swing it for one of your potential tenants.

Where is the House?

Depending on the location of your home there may be exterior decoration that you will also need to carry out. Ideally a house should be of a similar look to its neighbors as to be in keeping with the style of the road. If the paint on the exterior of the property is starting to fall away and the windowsills look dreary, a quick lick of paint can do wonders.

This post was written by Amy Bennett who lets properties in the Warwick area.

Decorating a Property to Rent Out: Top Tips

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