Cut Out The Middlemen, Slash Ad Costs & Start Making Money Instead

Stop throwing good money away on ineffective online marketing campaigns that cost an arm and a leg and start spending small amounts wisely to get your target audience directly to your website so you can actually get a return on your marketing investment and start turning a decent profit.

Have you been pounding away at the keyboard trying to build up an audience on social media only to realize that you’ve spent far too much time chasing your tail without any real results?

It doesn’t take long to realise from a cold-hearted business perspective that the time you invest trying to attract friends and fans on Facebook, LinkedIn and other big name social media networks has cost you a fortune in lost man hours – possibly weeks and months all old – trying to build a network of “friends” that for the most part couldn’t give a hoot about you. All they care about is how many hearts their latest selfie has.

Sooner or later we realise that marketing is never free and that time really is money. We grudgingly admit that we have to spend a bit of money somewhere if we want a real chance of getting a return on our investment.

The thing is, paying for social media marketing doesn’t cost ‘a bit of money’. It costs a mint if you want any chance of your ad being seen by people outside your enclosed social network.

True, you can target a very specific audience demographic with a social media marketing campaign and choose a cost that fits your budget. But even when you do splash out, you don’t really know whether you are targeting real people with real social media profiles or just getting likes and views from a horde of traffic bots.

Working out where to place your ads is a nightmare, too, and a huge gamble if you only have a small budget to splurge. Facebook, for example, gives you a confusing choice of nine ad placement options:

Facebook Desktop Newsfeed

Facebook Mobile Newsfeed

The Right-hand Column

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook In-Stream Videos

Facebook Suggested Videos

Instagram Feed

Instagram Stories

Facebook Audience Network

Where do you start with all these ad placement options? How do you know which one will get you the best results, and at what cost? I don’t have the answer and I doubt many people do, because all these options are nothing more than a glorified pay-per-click (PPC) model; you pay for the clicks and impressions (views) of your ads by users on the network.

What’s the Cost of Web Traffic from a Facebook Ad?

The cost per click on Facebook can be anywhere between $1 and $20 per click, depending on the type of campaign and its parameters.

The cost of an ad campaign measured as a ‘cost per mile’ (CPM) means you pay for every thousand impressions (views), which is somewhere in the region of $10.

What’s the Cost of Web Traffic from a Search Ad?

Admittedly, social media ad campaigns cost less than search ad campaigns, which work out at about $2 per click with Google Ads (AdWords). You could say that a search ad has more value than an ad on a social media network, because a search ad on Google could potentially reach anyone doing a keyword search anywhere in the world. Whereas ads on social media networks are only seen on pages within the network and only by users of the network.

One of the most expensive types of pay per click marketing is one based on ‘Cost per Action” (CTA), which means you only pay for an action that turns into a genuine lead. Worth much more than a perfunctory click on an ad, the desired action in a CTA plan could be someone filling in a form or getting in touch and sharing their contact details.

Paying for an action on a search ad campaign with top industry keywords with Google currently costs almost $60 per action. Bing Ads cost a little less at around $50 per action.

What’s the Cheapest Way to Get Traffic Directly to My Website?

Ultimately the goal of any online marketing campaign is to get web traffic directly to your website. Once visitors arrive, as long as you have something valuable to offer them, all the hard work is done and you’ve got a barrage of potential customers breaking down your doors.

The cheapest web traffic is bot traffic, which is artificial web traffic sent out from bot farms or click farms. You’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel here though. If your aim is only to boost your visitor statistics for show then buying some bot traffic will do the job.

With a bot traffic plan You can get tens of thousands of visitors for a few dollars but you won’t see much of a return because bots aren’t interested in whatever you are selling and they certainly don’t part with any cash.

Why Paid Web Traffic is Cheaper & More Valuable

If you are going to spend money on an online marketing campaign, paying a few dollars to guarantee getting a specified number of visitors in your niche directly to your website is a shortcut that saves you a bunch of cash by cutting out the middlemen (social media and search ad platforms).

Spend wisely on a web traffic plan from a reputable vendor and you’ll get human visitors rather than bots. You’ll have a much better chance of making a return on a much smaller investment because you have a captive worldwide audience – the same as the leads you could be paying $50 a hit for with a keyword CTA campaign – and all you need to do now is convert those visitors on your own website.

Instead of paying for clicks and views of an ad on an enclosed social media network or a search engine campaign, buying web traffic brings visitors directly to your landing page. Or if your landing page is on a social media network such as Facebook or Instagram you can send web traffic there without paying the network through the nose for the privilege.

So What’s the Cost of Web Traffic?

Bear in mind that 1,000 views (impressions, not clicks) costs a minimum of $10, and each click on an expensive campaign can cost up to $50.

You can get 10,000 visitors directly to your website with a paid web traffic plan for between $50 and $80 – about the same price as a small handful of clicks on an ad.

Have a look at this A-Z of vendors with reviews of websites where you can buy traffic online and see what other internet marketers have to say about each vendor. Their prices vary wildly depending on the visitor numbers and plans they can offer.

Web Traffic Buying Strategy

Here are some tips to help you decide on a web traffic plan that’ll get you the best bang for your bucks. Stick by these simple rules to improve your potential returns.

Buy Only Human Web Traffic

You’ll pay a bit more for a web traffic plan offering high-quality web traffic but that’s because quality means real people visiting your website instead of swarms of worthless bots. Real people are potential customers that spend real money.

Target Your Niche

If you buy a paid web traffic plan providing real, human traffic you should be able to choose the niche of your target audience in the same way you’d choose a demographic in a social media marketing campaign. Some web traffic vendors allow you to choose several target niches. Others just one.

Target Your Market’s Geographic Location

If your goal is to get customers into a physical store or a brick-and-motar location, you’re probably only interested in targeting a local audience. The same might be true for a localized online business or service. If that’s the case, get a plan that allows you to target specific countries, or different states if your web traffic is only in the US.

Spread Visits Over Time

Web traffic plans often let you choose the length of time to get an influx of visitors, which can be anywhere between a few days up to a month at a time. The longer the better, really. Getting a sudden spike of thousands of visitors in a short time won’t help much but spreading them out over 30 days at a time helps your stats grow organically and improves your search engine ranking due to the increase in your website’s popularity.

I hope this helped you see a way through the confusing corridors of online marketing and more importantly helps you save money in the right places for some healthier returns.

Cut Out The Middlemen, Slash Ad Costs & Start Making Money Instead

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