The Most Creative Ways To Use Your Smartphone

These days, the over involvement of most people with their Smartphone is now generally perceived as a nuisance. This is because most of us spend an inordinate amount of time on our phones doing things that are often unproductive or absolutely unnecessary. But is it really that bad? Is there any way you can use your Smartphone more creatively considering the fact that it’s something that’s always by your side?

Frankly speaking, it’s no big deal to be addicted to your Smartphone – almost everyone is. The latest model of iPhone, Android or Blackberry is too much of a luxury to be kept away in your pocket. There are many multiple tasks you can easily accomplish once with a Smartphone, saving a lot of time. Here are four of them.

Learn about Your Wines

Want to know about every wine that comes your way? Then try installing the Vivino App on your mobile. By just looking at the label on the bottle, you can find out everything there is to know about the wine by searching it on Vivino. What do you say? A smart way to become your own wine aficionados, right?

Work While Eating

It’s generally unacceptable to use your Smartphone at the dining table where everyone is eating. But what about the times you are alone? Instead of wasting this time, why not help yourself by doing some work. Of course, this should be done when you are eating alone or in the company of a friend. You can do stuff like editing a photo, planning a trip with Google map, scan the news, review your schedule, or even play a game. Mobile gaming provides a good relieve from stress. There are many games you can play with one hand. For instance, casino mobile slots.

Start your car with your phone

You might not know this, but a Smartphone works better for your car than a remote controller. This is because unlike your remote controller, a Smartphone controller is not limited by distance. As long as you have an Internet connection and the Viper’s SmartStart safely installed, you can easily start your car from anywhere with your Smartphone. What do you say? Better than carrying a bunch of keys you might forget at any time, right?

Turn your old phone into a Security Camera

Instead of getting rid of an “old” model phone just because you got a new one, why not use it to do surveillance. With an app like Manything, you can monitor what goes on in your home and office. You can easily keep a close eye on your kids, pets, colleagues and every other thing that needs your watchful eye. All you need to do is to reconfigure the old model phone as a security camera and connect it to another device with the Manything App safely installed. This device will act as your controller and remote viewer. Believe it or not, you will not be able to get a cheaper 24 hour surveillance system.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a technophobe or a high-tech junkie, trying out the tips above will definitely help you gain more from your Smartphone.

The Most Creative Ways To Use Your Smartphone

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