Creative Ways to Save on Energy Costs

If you’re budget conscious and also interested in taking some steps that could affect you for many years to come, a couple of creative ways to reduce your energy costs can go a long way towards accomplishing this. One of the most popular ways that you can accomplish cutting down your energy bill is to replace your old air conditioner.

Unfortunately, many homes come with air conditioners built in that are inefficient. Replacing just this one step with a more efficient system can reach up to a 60% savings on your electric bill. Ductless air conditioning is one option for someone who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of installing an entirely new air conditioning system. The great thing is that ductless air conditioning monitors and adjusts your temperature in your house in a very similar way to central AC, so you get all of the benefits without any of the installation hassle.

Ductless AC is extremely energy efficient with high SEER ratings and zone control, which can prevent you from cooling rooms you don’t often use. This can help you keep your energy costs down while still benefiting from an overall cool home. You can get a view of high seer ductless units here.

Another way to cut down on energy costs is to make the upfront investment for solar heating. When it comes time to approach the winter months, solar heating gives you all of the benefits of keeping your home nice and toasty without pulling directly from the electric grid entirely. Along with that, in the winter months, a great thing to do with your clothes is to avoid using the dryer and to hang them on a rack near a heater or a radiator. This alone can help cut down on one of the most common appliances that pulls a significant amount of energy and drives up your bill. If you’ve got a lot of family members, even just doing this once per week with a couple of loads of laundry can make a significant impact, and it still gets your home dry just as much as you need them.

Centralizing control with a smart home through your phone is another option for people who want to cut down on energy costs. New smart home technology allows you to see what’s happening in your home and to adjust energy control in order to keep an eye on things and keep your bills down. Most people don’t realize where some of the most common energy leaks in their home are, and just taking a couple of steps to implement smart home automation allows you to control things like lighting, heating, and cooling from the click of a button. Furthermore, many of these applications can analyze your data and find out where you’re spending a lot of money to keep the home turned on.

The inefficiency of central air pops up when it comes to the fact that cool air is pumped out all over the house, even rooms you may not need to cool. This means that you’re paying to cool rooms you don’t often use. This is a big problem for larger houses or in situations in which your house layout makes the system work harder to pump that cool air throughout. Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of ductless and smart home automation is that you can decide where you need to keep cool so that you’re not wasting energy or pushing up your bills for no reason.

All of these tips can help you not just with your energy bill, but in making improvements to your home, make it more sellable.

Creative Ways to Save on Energy Costs

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