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Are Coupons A Good Way to Save? Or Are They A False Economy?

The use of coupons has increased dramatically according to published research. Retailers are keen to attract customers and customers are keen to save money. You can even use coupons to make friends these days.

There are many coupon sites and social living discount sites that feature daily offers and it is all too easy to be seduced by these apparent bargains.

Everybody loves to get something extra and coupons and coupon codes seem to offer just that. In these tough economic times, consumers want to feel they are getting more for their money.

But are coupons and discount codes really such a good way to save money or are they a false economy? There are definitely many levels to this issue, but eBay has always been reliable to me and I love shopping and availing discounts using eBay Coupons.

Firstly, coupons work on a psychological basis and this is why they are effective. Retailers know that by offering a discount individuals are more likely to buy.

A certain number of people would purchase the item anyway, but new customers can be tempted by the idea of a discount. Coupons are so appealing that individuals will make a decision on a product simply on this basis.

Frequently, the coupon code has a certain time requirement, which makes people purchase within a set time frame. Sometimes, however, people regret making such an impulsive buy.

We all have items in the back of our closets that we purchased in moments like this and have never used since. The kitchen gadget that is too troublesome to assemble is a familiar example!

It is easy to forget that at whatever price it is, you are still spending money. Just because you have a coupon code, does not mean it is cost free.

You are still spending money and it is perhaps money that could be spent on something more useful or alternatively, used to pay off debts or put into savings.

Also, just because an item is discounted, does not mean it is good value. It may be that it was overpriced to begin with and the discount code actually reduces it to a reasonable price.

The social living sites offer discounts on a citywide basis, which means that there are many other people who will access each particular deal.

There are numerous stories of how this can cause problems. Retailers can run out of stock of an item and service industries such as restaurants and beauty salons cannot cope with the sudden demand.

It may be that to use your coupon you can only be seated at a restaurant at a certain time. If this is not convenient for you, then it will not feel like such a good deal.

Business owners will also try to increase your level of spending by creating additional purchasing options. So, for instance, coupons for meals will often exclude drinks, which then increases the amount spent.

Coupons can be a good way to save money providing you truly want the item on offer and that there are no hidden extras. Choose wisely and enjoy any genuine bargains you find!



  1. Coupons, like anything else, have a use. I only use coupons for things I normally buy. Just because there’s a coupon for something doesn’t mean a person has to use it. Doing so would increase one’s expenses by enticing one toward impulse or “want” purchases.

  2. I don’t use coupons but I will definately start. As a consumer, I’m purchasing more recently than I have in the past so I think I should see if there is a way that I can save so that I can stay in the black when it comes to my budget.

  3. I know my fiancee uses coupons–especially for clothing. She saves a lot of money doing this. I, however, am not a big coupon finder. Thankfully, I am a marrying one. :)

  4. Here is just one more post on coupons. How difficult is it? if they work you, or the certain situation use them. If they don’t work for you, don’t. Simple as pie

  5. It is a good way to save if you know how to save. I know people who buy tons of vouchers but don’t redeem them in time. They purchase for the ‘hunt’ of good deals and I consider that a waste of money.

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