Are Company Sponsored Trips The Best Perk Ever?

I’ve written about perks in relation to work before, but I may have a new perk that could top half-day Fridays. Now, I’m not taking leaving at 1pm every Friday of the year for granted, but sometimes you have to look at which perk is truly more special.

Last month, I went on a company sponsored ski trip. We left at 9:30am, skied for about 6 hours, and returned at 7:30pm. It was a pretty fantastic way to spend a day, and getting out of the office is always great. Plus it was a workout!

The reasoning behind the trip was to build a team atmosphere and I will say that it worked. I was able to talk to people about non-work related topics, and being in a more relaxed environment helps build trust. Just sitting on a ski lift for a few minutes helps you get to know someone better than 6 months in an office. I thought it would be 100% fun and a silly business expense, but after the trip, I must say that the benefits will likely transfer over to the workplace.

This month’s trip beat last month’s. We went to a steakhouse, had a fantastic lunch, and then went to a shooting range. Yes, a shooting range. You can’t get farther away from a typical work environment that that. And you get to know the people not just in your office, but in other departments, and it helps work with them later because there’s a relationship already and it’s no longer just a business conversation with a stranger.

Skiing was great and shooting a gun was an entirely different experience, but is a once a month trip better than half-day Fridays for a whole year? Maybe. I love half day Fridays. But these trips have been a breath of fresh air. Plus, who knows where we’re going next month?

Readers, which perk do you think is better? Half day Fridays or company sponsored trips?

5 Responses to Are Company Sponsored Trips The Best Perk Ever?

  1. Noah says:

    As someone in the software industry in CA where hourly is mandatory up to a certain pay scale (mandated by CA law), I’d rather have occasional company trips. If I left at 1pm every Friday I’d be losing 4-5 hours a week of pay. However, if you get 1pm Fridays but work 9 hours the rest of the week, to me it’s not really a benefit but time-shifting.

  2. Marianne says:

    Ha! If our work went to a shooting range I know a couple people that wouldn’t be coming back if you know what I mean… lol Sounds awesome though!! We could really use a boost of morale at my work!

  3. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager says:

    Jealous! I would love 1/2 day Fridays or a ski trip. Depends on the purpose of offering the perk. Sounds like with the ski trip the company was trying to foster teamwork, while with a 1/2 day Friday it looks like the company is trying to reward employees for good work.

  4. jefferson says:

    sounds like you work for a nice company.. or at least have a great boss.. a team of folks that all get along can accomplish a lot more than a team of random folks who don’t really like each other..

    my company doesn’t really do trips of this kind, but does occasionally send folks to industry conferences.

  5. Karin @ HR Degree Directory says:

    The only sponsored trip my company have are Team Building Trips. And in my almost seven years here, I have not attended even once! I don’t know, call me “KillJoy” or something, I care less. I’d rather spend time with my husband and family.

    I am happy that your company offers Half-day Fridays, I am with a goverment agency, and we don’t do Half-Fridays.
    So, if you ask me which one is better, I don’t know :)

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