Companies I Hate: Comcast

I love negotiating and getting what I deserve, especially when it’s from a bank or the cable company. I hate when they steal your money or provide you with sub-par service without some time of reimbursement. So you can imagine my thoughts when Lauren’s cable went out for a few days.

The Internet went out on Friday, and Comcast promised they would come within a few days. On Monday they set up an appointment for between 9am and 1pm on Monday (they couldn’t pinpoint it any more than that??) and at 2:30 still weren’t there. In fact, they never came. They didn’t set up another appointment until Wednesday, when they said they would come on Friday. Nope, they didn’t show up. They didn’t even call. They finally came on Tuesday to fix the Internet. A week and a half without Internet. Can you imagine??

So of course, we called up to get what was rightfully ours. She should be reimbursed not only for the time that the Internet was out, but also for the time she had to spend waiting for them, the disrespect she was shown when they didn’t call to say they would be late (not to mention when Lauren called to ask about their status and was told, “we’re coming soon” the day they never showed up).

The conversation was pretty typical, and started off with Lauren explaining the situation and the woman on the other end saying she’d help any way she could. She offered $9 to make up for the week and a half the service was out. No way was that good enough. So Lauren requested to talk to a supervisor. After 20 minutes, the supervisor finally came on the line, heard the story, and offered $15 to make up for the inconvenience. I thought that was still too low, but the truth is that out of the $24 bill, $15 is over 60% of a month’s service, which is pretty good. And after being on hold and talking for over an hour, we decided it wasn’t worth wasting any more of our day.

I’m adding Comcast to my list of companies I hate. 33% of America has no choice but to use Comcast, so they continue to take advantage of their customers and completely disregard the fact that people have lives. I wonder what they would say if they arrived, called, and told them that I would let them in anywhere from one minute to 3 hours from now.

Companies I Hate: Comcast

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5 thoughts on “Companies I Hate: Comcast

  1. You wrote: “I wonder what they would say if they arrived, called, and told them that I would let them in anywhere from one minute to 3 hours from now.”

    Of course, this situation was dealt with on an episode of Seinfeld (probably the cable company or the phone company, but same basic idea). Take a lesson from Kramer.


  2. COMCAST sucks balls. There is absolutely no other way to explain it and now they brought NBC? talk about UGH!

  3. I was thrilled to be rid of Comcast and get FIOS because FIOS cannot raise their rates on an annual basis without improving services, which is exactly what Comcast does! When the federal govt required all cable companies convert to digital and cable companies provide FREE boxes to the last of the converts, that was a joke! I called comcast, the ONLY cable service provider allowed to provide cable services in my city, and they gal said they would gladly send out the FREE converter box. Fine… Until I went to cancel my service once FIOS became available and I turned in my equipment (converter box, power cord & remote – as noted on my slip). They suddenly tacked on a $15 fee that had not been on my bill over the past 15+ months; all my bills showed paid in full as I overpaid each bill by rounding up to the next dollar. So I called to inquire about this $15 charge and they came back and said that was for when they mailed out the FREE converter box. I had NEVER been advised there would be a fee; in fact the gal I spoke to originally said there would be NO CHARGE. Well, here was the charge…and I was pissed! I challenged them on the charge and refused to pay it. I was NEVER given the option to go pick up my converter box at no charge, I was NEVER advised there would even be a charge for them to mail out my converter box, and I have 15+ months of bills showing my bill PAID IN FULL. You can’t add on a charge OVER A YEAR AFTER THE FACT. (So illegal!!) Comcast reluctantly agreed to “waive” the charge, I paid my final bill and thought I was done with them. Nope! 55 days later I am getting phone calls from Comcast wanting to know where my equipment was… Excuse me? I turned it into the local office “at no charge”… They had the call to accuse me of not turning in my equipment. I called the toll free number, got a guy named Rich, gave him the receipt number, told him I was saddened that Comcast couldn’t get their shit together, gave him the date the equipment was turned in and informed him if their company contacted me again in any way I would be contacting our state’s Attorney General’s office, and promptly hung up. HOW ARE COMPANIES LIKE THIS ALLOWED TO DO BUSINESS IN THE U.S. AND STAY IN BUSINESS WITH ALL THE ILLEGAL PRACTICES THEY CONTINUE TO PRACTICE ON A DAILY BASIS?

  4. That has happen to me a few times. With cable and internet I just could not take it. Lucky I got a job working with DISH, I had to get rid of Comcast and I went right to being a DISH customer. I have not had problems for a while I also have internet service with WildBlue. I always get great deals and service when I do call in. With having WildBlue I got Google Tv. Having my 40inch TV as my DISH and the computer is wonderful.

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