Common Misconceptions of Online Gambling

Online gambling is becoming more and more popular. It allows people who enjoy gambling to enjoy the activity from the convenience of their own home either on their computer or phone. There are many people out there who are skeptical about the industry and their legitimacy. Below we try to investigate and debunk the common misconceptions of online online gambling.

Can not be controlled

Many people who don’t agree with the industry don’t think it can be well controlled. This is just false. There are many laws and regulations in place to control the sites to allow legitimate gambling that is fair and regulated. This wasn’t true back in the day when the online gaming industry began but many states have adopted a whole set of rules just for it. They are actually on a short leash having to pay fines and taxes. With the competition that is out there, they can’t afford to be shut down so they tend to play by the rules they are asked to follow.


It is a common thought to believe that you will get a virus by using online gambling. However, this doesn’t make much sense. These businesses are making a lot of profits, if they were to set up viruses on their servers it would mean their servers would be affected too and hinder their business potential. There are many legitimate licensed online gambling sites that can provide you with virus free entertainment.


Most people think online gambling sites are scams. It is quite the opposite. As mentioned previously they are highly regulated and require licenses. Yes there may be sites that are not legitimate and may be scams but it is important for you to check a sites license when you start to use it. Be careful when providing your personal information to a site that they have a license with the state.

Only for old people and housewives

Some people may think that online gambling isn’t for them because they aren’t the stereotypical lonely housewife or unemployed old person associated with gaming. The key demographics for online gambling are actually the following:

  1. Middle-aged men and women with moderate and high income visit casinos because of curiosity, possibility to try their luck and skills, use different strategies in practice.
  2. Middle-aged men and women with low-income visit gambling portals in order to win and improve their financial shape.
  3. Young men and women with different income levels consider casino as a source of entertainment and opportunity to pass the time with fun.

Basically, online casinos are for everyone. Anyone who likes to be entertainment and win some money.

So don’t believe the hype. Today’s online casinos are well-regulated, safe and fun for all.

Common Misconceptions of Online Gambling

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