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Coin Credit Card: One Card To Rule Them All

I’ve been waiting awhile for a product like this, and I can’t jump on the bandwagon fast enough.

What is Coin?

Coin combines your credit cards into one card. Instead of the 4 credit cards and 3 debit cards I currently have in my wallet, I’ll be able to consolidate down to just one card. In addition to having a slimmer wallet, it makes life simpler by consolidating your cards into just one card. Have supermarket loyalty cards and Starbucks cards you want to keep with you at all times without actually keeping them with you?

When you want to pay for gas, tell my Coin to use your gas rewards credit card. Shopping for groceries? Tap again and it switches for you. You’ll still get your rewards from the credit card company, the only difference is that the information is be stored on your Coin instead of spread across multiple credit and debit cards.

How Does It Work?

Magic. You use the accompanying app to add your credit and debit cards to your Coin. When you are ready to pay, simply tap the button to find the credit card you want to use, and swipe. It can basically replace all of your other cards. Pay with whichever card you want, it has all the same data and acts just like your existing cards. One card to rule them all.

Is It Safe?

The Coin site has a lot of information about security and encryption. Boring! What’s much more interesting is how Coin interacts with your phone. If you forget your Coin in a store or restaurant accidentally, you’ll get an alert when your phone is out of range. Cool! If I leave my wallet someplace now, I may not realize it until I get home or need to pay for something.

How Much Is a Coin?

Coin is now available for preorder, and if you refer your friends, you can get a pretty big discount. Normally a Coin would be $100. Right now it’s $50 and each friend you refer reduces the price by $5!

What Are You Waiting For?

I just preordered my Coin and I encourage you to do the same. Their FAQ section is robust, go check it out for all the answers you’re looking for.



  1. This sounds amazing! I don’t know if I’d join at first but after seeing it play out, I might be interested in being a 2nd wave adopter.

  2. Credit cards aren’t secure, and “enhancing them” by consolidation isn’t the best idea.

    The better idea is to embed technology that allows for contactless payments, NFC, or smartcard payments.

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