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Choosing to Trade Online

If you have money to invest, you may have investigated different ways and means of making the most of your money. Whether you have thought about investing through an individual 401(k), a Roth IRA, or online share trading; there are benefits of each.

Here we give you the lowdown on why choosing to trade shares online could be the ideal solution for you.


When you buy shares online you simply pick your platform, pay your joining fee and start to trade. Yes there may be an annual fee to pay, as well as charges each time you trade, but this still represents a far better option than dealing through a stockbroker. Stockbrokers make a living off buying and selling stocks on behalf of other people, often charging a brokerage fee and up-front fees for their services, as well as potentially taking a percentage of any earnings. Online share trading is a much cheaper option.

Full Control

With online trading, you make all the decisions on how and where your capital is invested and when to buy or sell specific shares. When dealing through a stockbroker, it can be difficult to gain control and invest where you want to. With online share dealing, there is no such issue.


When dealing shares online, once you make the deal it will be instant – simply with the click of a mouse. This is extremely beneficial when you compare it to more traditional forms of trading, whereby you had to inform your stockbroker to make the transaction which can often set a time consuming chain of events in motion. In the world of stocks and shares where immediate action is often required, this is a significant benefit of online share dealing.

It’s Up To You

When all the decisions on how and where to invest, or when to buy and sell, is done to you, you can make as many or as little trades as you want. Often when dealing with a stockbroker you’re required to adhere to a minimum trade allotment in line with the specific broker’s conditions. This discouraged casual traders – something which is encouraged through online share trading.

If you have the money to invest, it could be the perfect option for you.


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