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How to Choose the Best Small Business Phone System

Communication with customers and clients is vital to the success of any business, regardless of the size. When starting your business you have to consider things like funding, location, inventory, and personnel. An often overlooked consideration is telecommunications. It may seem as easy as calling the phone company and setting up an account, but it isn’t.

You can choose the best small business phone system through your local phone provider. However since the internet has become such a powerful tool, you may want to consider it for your business communications.

Virtual phone systems known as VoIP, work through an active internet connection. They offer the same features and capabilities as traditional phone services, and expanded benefits.

What Can VoIP Provide

The best small business phone system can have limitless options for your business. You can make and receive calls, but also establish multiple lines throughout your business. Regardless of the number of employees, each can have a dedicated contact extension. Establish a main line that customers call and be able to transfer those calls to anyone within your office. The benefit is that each individual line can be enabled with calling features like call waiting, caller ID, hold function, and digital voice mail.

Users can enjoy the same phone for all of their faxing needs. Faxes can be sent internally or externally and received from any outside source. Received faxes are sent directly to the intended individual’s computer. There is no longer a need for a centralized fax machine or for employees to share a fax. Employees can have their own fax number in conjunction with their direct voice phone line. Faxes are delivered digitally and can be stored in computer files or downloaded to a mobile device for later reference.

Full Network Support

As a small business, it may not be necessary or cost effective to employ a telecom person on your staff. The benefit of using a VoIP service provider to establish your business phone systems are that they offer technical and account support. This is of great benefit if you are not versed in the troubleshooting of phone systems. When problems with your system arise, they will likely offer a twenty-four hour service line that can address your needs. Since your service is completely virtual, it can be fixed remotely.

You also act at the administrator of your telecom services. This is why VoIP be the best choice for your small business phone needs.

You are in control of your business; you may as well control its communication. You, or a designated representative or department, can manage the entire network from a downloadable software application. Either way, administration of your network is easy.

Separate Business and Personal Usage for Your Communication System

If you operate a small business out of your home, you don’t want to use the same phone lines, or same phone number for both business and personal use. A VoIP system is your best choice for your small business use because you can separate personal and business calls. The VoIP network in your home based small business can have as many incoming lines as necessary. You can even include extra lines for fax transmissions. The best part is you do not have to have multiple lines installed in your house as with traditional phone service. Everything works from a central computer. When business hours end, you can disable your business line and enjoy your personal time. This is also helpful since your business calls will not conflict with family members phone use.


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