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Cheap Date Series: Pay Your Own Way

Everyone knows that being cheap does not look good, but people do it anyway. Sometimes, the stories of the way people act make me cringe. Whether it’s a single date or an entire relationship, we need to hear some of the worst stories so we know what behavior to avoid. If you have a cheap date or cheap relationship stories to share, please let me know so we can share with everyone!

Who Pays For The Movie?

The first story comes from ‘Tiffany,’ whose story starts out the summer after high school. The experience started out innocently enough with a trip to the movie with a friend, ‘Mike.’ When they got to the theater, he didn’t offer to pay, which was fine since they were just going as friends.

A $4 Loan

The next time they hung out, they rented a movie, and at the Blockbuster (this was awhile ago), Tiffany saw a $4 DVD she wanted to buy. She didn’t have any money, so she asked if Mike could spot her. He agreed, and after they watched the movie, they were ready to go their separate ways. Mike said he’d only let Tiffany keep the DVD if she paid him back the $4, which she didn’t have at the moment. She was a bit surprised, and decided to just forget about it and let him keep the DVD (which he didn’t want anyway).

Laser Tag Is The Last Straw

Finally, they went to play laser tag on a Saturday night. He didn’t bring cash and they didn’t accept credit card, so Tiffany paid for both of them, assuming he would at least offer to pay her back. But, as I’m sure you guessed, he didn’t.

So the $4 DVD was a big deal, but when it was his turn to pay back the $15 for laser tag, it suddenly wasn’t an issue.

Needless to say, there was no romantic involvement and it wasn’t until over a year later that Tiffany found out that these were supposedly dates. If you want to date, you need to make your intentions clear and you need to offer to pay for things and not be so cheap! Wouldn’t those $19 have been worth it for a chance?



  1. Haha, wow. People these days… I’m pretty cheap (or frugal as I like to call myself), but I would never consideer doing any of these things. I think it’s a good thing that the relationship didn’t turn out.

  2. My boyfriend and I alternate who pays on date night. I never wanted to be that girl who insisted the guy pays for everything and it’s a great system that hasn’t failed us yet! That way, we’re both equals when it comes to our finances – something I’d like to see in a future marriage.

    • @Lisa E. @ Lisa Vs. The Loans, that’s great and when you’re in a committed relationship that makes a lot of sense.

      When you’re just starting out, being cheap and nickel and diming the girl you like probably isn’t going to win you any points.

  3. In situations like above, where you already know the person and it’s less clear if the outing is an actual date, it is hard to say who should pay and your best bet would be to split everything.

    Everyone in the above scenario made mistakes. She should have just went back later to buy that movie when she had the cash.

    However, it was definitely rude of him (as a date or friend) to make plans with someone then not bring any money whatsoever. Sounds like a bad friend to begin with.

  4. Wow that guy is something else! I don’t understand how he thought those were dates. Good thing the relationship didn’t work out!

  5. Once had a friend that came out to dinner with a group of us. When the check came he informed us that he didn’t bring any cash. We asked him why he ordered and he just said “I don’ t know” We just paid it and never brought him to anything that wasn’t free. If you don’t have money and your going to a place that will 100% cost you money, just say no and stay home.

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