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Cheap Date Series: Fried Chicken First Date

This is part of the ongoing Cheap Date Series. Cheap never looks good, and there’s a fine line between frugal and cheap. If you’ve got a cheap date story you’d like to share, please let me know so we can share with everyone!

This story comes from Wendi, who runs SmartLot, which offers a no hassle, pressure-free vehicle shopping experience. Below her story are some additional comments and tips on her experience and cheap first dates.

In her own words:

Fried Chicken Is Not A First Date

I was asked out by a guy who came from money and was accomplished in his own right. He was 25 I was 21 at the time. He picked me up at the time we agreed and asked “Where would you like to have dinner?” I was stumped because he was such a strong personality always appearing to be in charge. I hemmed and hawed and responded with the standard, “I am open to just about anything.” I am easy to please as long as the company is good and conversation flows. I am not the demanding type. I had known the guy for a couple weeks but this was the first formal “date” where he asked me out and picked me up.

We drove around the outskirts of Chicago for about a half hour and passed a Browns fried chicken. “ooohh Browns!” he exclaimed as he did a u-turn.

I was short for words but kept an open mind. “Ya like chicken?” he asked with enthusiasm as he pulled his expensive sports car up to the drive through order window not really too tuned into my response.

“I will have three breasts, a side of fries and a large soda” he shouted at the box.

“What’ll you have?” he turned and asked me.

“I would like an order of fried livers and a diet soda please”, I responded.

We drove through to the window and when they gave him the amount he asked what the subtotal was before the livers and the diet and then turned to me and said, “Yours is $6.85.”

I gave him the money and we ate our Browns fried chicken parked in the lot as we watched traffic go by. When we were done he took his last slurp of soda and said, “wanna go back to your place and fool around?”

I asked him to let me think about it as we headed back to my apartment, couldn’t go to his because he didn’t have one- he still lived at home. When we pulled up to my door he was all beside himself with anticipation and as I stepped out of the car I turned to him as he was unbuckling his seat belt and said, “Ya know Tony, I gave it some thought and after that dinner you
took me to I am convinced I wouldn’t be able to afford a round in the sack with you..but you have a good night ok?”

He called and called and called for weeks. Never really got what the hell happened- and told me so. I figured if I had to tell him it was best he was cut loose sooner than later. It only cost me $6.85 to disqualify that one.

Follow-Up Questions For Wendi

What advice do you have for guys on first dates?

For those hopeless guys, honesty and genuine kindness can very effectively support frugal and eliminate the possibility of appearing cheap. If you are a guy who has to watch his money because it doesn’t grow on a tree for you, then as long as you go out of your way for all of the “touches” when being with her such as compliments when due, such as chivalry, then you’ll be all set.

Where do you draw the line between frugal and cheap?

A woman will always understand frugal if she digs a guy but will smell cheap a mile away when he drives a sports car, wears the good watch, and takes her through a drive through.

Cheap Date Series: Flask At A Bar

This is part of the ongoing Cheap Date Series. Cheap never looks good, and there’s a fine line between frugal and cheap. If you’ve got a cheap date story you’d like to share, please let me know so we can share with everyone!

This story comes from Emily James, who runs eM & Mo Talk. Below her story are some additional comments and tips on her experience and cheap first dates.

In her own words:

There’s Cheap… and Then There’s Bring-a-Flask to the Bar Cheap

Whenever some guy hits on me in a bar, I just want to lie down and take a nap.

Parties are different. At parties, there is a sense of community and one has reason to believe that the chances of a serial killer being among the group are below 10 percent (at least.)

So when a Heath Ledger look-alike approached me at a friend’s party in Bushwick, I didn’t immediately have the urge to fall asleep. In fact, I don’t even think I yawned.

We flirted, played flip cup and made out in a dark room. It was fun. The following week, we had some solid texting (he had good texting skills, which is very important in this day and age).

He picked a good spot on the Lower East Side for drinks. He looked good. Everything was good. It was destined for disaster.

I had arrived earlier without knowing he was already there so we both had drinks in our hands when we sat down together. The conversation was fun and flowed easily. Unfortunately, the drinks did not.

The waitress approached us and asked us if we’d like another. I ordered a beer, but he decided to hold off on another whiskey — at least, that’s what I thought.

The server wasn’t two feet away when he reached into his pocket, took out a flask and poured its contents into his empty bar class. I was shocked. I thought there would at least be some kind of joke (embarrassment? humility?), but no.

“I’m in law school,” he said, as if that explanation were the answer to all my life’s ailments.

We went to another bar.

Why did I continue hanging out with him, you ask?

The truth is that I had double-booked and was meeting another guy afterwards. Don’t judge me: I live in New York and I’ve been single for two and a half years.

I decided I was going to need a stronger drink for this one. I ordered a Stoli Blueberry and soda, then turned to Mr. Stingy to let him order. But he wasn’t looking at the bartender — he was staring at me aghast, as if I had just ordered Foie Gras with his grad school tuition loan money.

“I’ll get this one,” I offered, just to get that awful look off his face.

It was as if I had saved his life. He beamed a huge smile my way and said to the bartender, “She’s the best.”

It was single-handedly the most tragic compliment I’d received in my entire life.

Finally, I went to meet up with the other guy, who actually had a wallet filled with contents other than some old Bazooka Joe wrappers and change.

But before I could leave, Mr. Stingy demanded a goodnight kiss. He even suggested we go back to his place!

The next day, I awoke to a text from him asking when we could hang out again.

My response was honest, if a bit harsh.

I replied, “Perhaps if you put away a dollar a day for the next three months, Christmas could work.”

“Great!” was his response.

Daniel’s note: WOW, that’s a horrible way to impress a date! I saw a girl do the same thing in a bar and was very unimpressed. Especially since she could probably have gone up to a guy and asked him to buy her a drink!

Follow-Up Questions For Emily

What advice do you have for guys on first dates?

Always pay for the first date, no matter what. If this guy couldn’t swing cocktails, he could have suggested beer and pizza or something cheaper. After the first date, splitting is fine — but never let her get the full tab so early on!

Where do you draw the line between frugal and cheap?

Frugal is picking a modest place and still getting the bill. Cheap is picking a swanky place and then letting your date pick up the tab.

Cheap Date Series: Pay Your Own Way

Everyone knows that being cheap does not look good, but people do it anyway. Sometimes, the stories of the way people act make me cringe. Whether it’s a single date or an entire relationship, we need to hear some of the worst stories so we know what behavior to avoid. If you have a cheap date or cheap relationship stories to share, please let me know so we can share with everyone!

Who Pays For The Movie?

The first story comes from ‘Tiffany,’ whose story starts out the summer after high school. The experience started out innocently enough with a trip to the movie with a friend, ‘Mike.’ When they got to the theater, he didn’t offer to pay, which was fine since they were just going as friends.

A $4 Loan

The next time they hung out, they rented a movie, and at the Blockbuster (this was awhile ago), Tiffany saw a $4 DVD she wanted to buy. She didn’t have any money, so she asked if Mike could spot her. He agreed, and after they watched the movie, they were ready to go their separate ways. Mike said he’d only let Tiffany keep the DVD if she paid him back the $4, which she didn’t have at the moment. She was a bit surprised, and decided to just forget about it and let him keep the DVD (which he didn’t want anyway).

Laser Tag Is The Last Straw

Finally, they went to play laser tag on a Saturday night. He didn’t bring cash and they didn’t accept credit card, so Tiffany paid for both of them, assuming he would at least offer to pay her back. But, as I’m sure you guessed, he didn’t.

So the $4 DVD was a big deal, but when it was his turn to pay back the $15 for laser tag, it suddenly wasn’t an issue.

Needless to say, there was no romantic involvement and it wasn’t until over a year later that Tiffany found out that these were supposedly dates. If you want to date, you need to make your intentions clear and you need to offer to pay for things and not be so cheap! Wouldn’t those $19 have been worth it for a chance?