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Carpet Cleaning Tips For Your Home

A carpet can add great beauty to a home, but a carpet can also be an ordeal to clean and a huge expense to replace if you don’t maintain it properly. Carpets seem to suffer from a special form of Murphy’s Law. If you can possibly spill something on it, you surely will, especially if it’s something that causes tough stains. The first thing you can do is to deal with stains right away, before they set. Then, follow these tips for removing stubborn stains that won’t come out.


If a cut or bloody nose leaves blood on the carpet, flood the area with cold water and then blot with a dab of dishwashing detergent. Later, unflavored meat tenderizer or hydrogen peroxide should be sprinkled on the stain and allowed to sit for a while. Then, rinse the stain again with cold water.


For candle wax, flick off as much hard wax as possible with a credit card. Place paper towels over what’s left of the wax stain and then use an iron on the lowest setting to melt the wax, which will then soak into the paper towel. Repeat the process with a clean spot on the paper towel until you have removed all of the stain. You might still notice a faint discoloration, something that is especially common with red wax. A rinse with a dab of dishwashing detergent and water will usually remove residual stains. If even that fails, consider a wax removing solution purchased from the store.


Juice and beverage spills are best treated with a dab of dishwashing detergent or hydrogen peroxide. Are you sensing a pattern here? Blot alcoholic beverages with a sponge filled with a water and vinegar solution. Blot up as much of the alcohol as possible. Dry the spot with paper towels. If the color of the alcohol remains in the carpet, you’ll probably have to call for professional carpet cleaning. Wine, however, should respond well to club soda with a rinse of cool water.


We all love our furry friends, but they don’t like our rugs much by the looks of things. If your best furry friend has gone on the carpet, blot up as much of it as possible with paper towels. Rinse the area with a white vinegar and water solution. Then blot the liquid as much as possible with paper towel. Of course, the smell often lingers, despite best efforts at cleaning. If this happens, use an enzyme cleaner designed for pet odors. The microbes in the cleaner eat up the odor causing bacteria naturally, without bleaches or chemicals.

Keeping Your Carpet Beautiful

For general maintenance, vacuum your carpet regularly, lightly once a day if possible, and then give it a good deep vacuuming once a week. Crisscross vacuum strokes to get up as much dirt as possible and to keep the pile in good condition. Taking good care of your carpet in this way will make it last years longer, saving you a good chunk of change in the long run.

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    Great post. I have a carpet cleaning business, and I always tell them, “use criss-cross vacuum strokes, like you’re mowing the lawn in the outfield.” You get a lot more dirt and grime that way!

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