Carnival of Personal Finance #388: Thanksgiving Preparation Edition

It’s only November 19th and yet Thanksgiving is just 3 days away. It definitely crept on me this year, but I’m looking forward to a relaxing extended weekend!

In honor of the Thanksgiving, I broke down the carnival into sections based on the correlations I see between personal finance and Thanksgiving. Happy reading and enjoy your abbreviated week!

The Turkey – Editor’s picks – These articles are the highlights of the carnival, just like the turkey is the highlight of the Thanksgiving weekend. It simply doesn’t get much better than this.

Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents presents Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them, and says, “Don’t Choke! 10 Interview Questions (with Answers) That Will Help You Land Your Dream Job”

Peter from Bible Money Matters presents Is It Really Possible to Become a Millionaire?, and says, “There‘s no magic involved when for becoming a millionaire. It’s more a matter of becoming a diligent saver/investor. You don’t need a get-rich-quick scheme to make that happen.”

Ray from Squirrelers presents Higher Salary or Better Experience?, and says, “When it comes to pursuing job opportunities, some people go for the highest salary. Others gravitate toward what they perceive to the better experience. This article explores what makes most sense at different stages in our careers.”

Football – Money Management – Just like many football fans constantly check their phones under the table to see the score, those who manage their money are more likely to be aware of their financial situation. Some people get alerts when their team scores, others get alerts when their checking account balance is low!

Tie the Money Knot presents Paying Kids to Do Chores: What Do You Think?, and says, “Parents – especially those with an interest in personal finance – want their kids to learn to be smart with money and make good decisions. Along those lines, what does it teach kids when they are paid to do chores?”

Money Beagle presents Reduce Complexity And Add Value Instead, and says, “Little things can make sense when taken by themselves, but can often conflict with other goals. Please read this article to understand how this applies to many areas, including money management.”

Jacob from My Personal Finance Journey presents From Bankrupt to Building Wealth Within 3 Years – A Personal Account, and says, “This post describes in detail one personal account of being gainfully employed only to have the market crash and falling into bankruptcy. The post describes how one person was able to rise above it all and build wealth within a three year period.”

Glen Craig from Free From Broke presents 4 Steps to Make Sure You Are Financially Protected from the Next Natural Disaster, and says, “Natural disasters can devastate you financially if you aren’t prepared for them. Take these 4 steps to heart to make sure you are financially protected from the next disaster.”

Matt Bell from Sound Mind Investing presents Long-Term Care Insurance: Assessing Your Needs, and says, “One of the biggest financial threats we’ll face is that of overwhelming medical bills late in life. Should you protect against that threat with long-term care insurance? Here are some key questions to consider.”

DPF from Digital Personal Finance presents Reaching the Goal of Financial Freedom, and says, “We can’t work forever, nor would we want to. By focusing on 3 basics: making money, saving it, and investing it – we can work toward the goal of financial freedom!”

Mike from Experiglot presents Is Lifestyle Inflation Okay?, and says, “The role that lifestyle inflation plays on your finances.”

Black Friday – Budgeting and Saving – Many people scour Black Friday sales and map out their entire day of shopping so that they are able to pick up everything on their list. Plan early and you’ll benefit later!

Paula Wethington from Monroe on a Budget presents The Myth of the Middle Class Lifestyle, and says, “You can’t do everything that society considers to be middle class lifestyle on what is really a middle class income.”

Eric from Narrow Bridge Finance presents Is AAA Worth the Cost?, and says, “A few months back, I got a letter in the mail from AAA reminding me that it is time to renew my membership. I have been a AAA member since 2007. My car broke down and I needed a tow. I signed up and got a tow in the same call. When it was time to renew, I had to think hard about whether or not it was worth the annual $57 cost.”

Nicole from Nicole and Maggie: Grumpy rumblings of the half tenured presents What the allowance does, and says, “Nicole and Maggie discuss allowances in the context of budgets.”

Green Panda Treehouse presents The Biggest Budgeting Lie That We Tell Ourselves, and says, “Are you honest with your money management?”

Family – Frugality – Sometimes the best way to save is by cutting back, but other times it can be too much. Make sure you spend on the things you care about (or take some time for yourself this weekend) so you don’t go crazy.

Money Thinking presents 6 Tips for Purchasing a Vehicle, and says, “Money Thinker shares 6 hot tips for purchasing your next vehicle.”

Money Walks presents Revving Up for Black Friday, and says, “Thanksgiving is next week, and with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday! Money Walks explores a couple of ways to ease the craziness that comes with the most popular shopping weekend of the year.”

Miss T. from Prairie Eco Thrifter presents 5 Ways to Save Money in College, and says, “Being smart and avoiding unnecessary spending can help you save money in college. Remember these five money saving strategies to stay comfortable without breaking the bank.”

Lance from Money Life and More presents Save Your Christmas Decoration Shopping for After Christmas, and says, “Our first Christmas out of college was rather pathetic in terms of decorations because we didn’t have hardly any of our own but we managed to scrape by. Wait a second… I didn’t say we went out and bought a bunch of stuff? Very observant of you! Here’s why…”

Wishbone – Finance and Investing – It’s hard to predict how the market will perform, heck, we don’t don’t even know what our tax situation will look like next year. Let’s just close our eyes and hope everything works out for the best.

D4L from Dividend Growth Stocks presents Defined-Benefit Pension Plus Dividend Stocks For A Prosperous Retirement, and says, “This year I turned 50, and I now find myself thinking about, and planning for, retirement much more than in the past. I have long since resolved that social security will not provide for my needs in retirement (nor was it ever intended to). Fortunately, I am one of an ever-shrinking group that is still covered by a defined benefit pension plan. So, how should a pension fund figure into my retirement…”

Alejandro Garcia from ETF Universe presents Agriculture ETF Guide, and says, “Agriculture isn’t as popular and certainly doesn’t get the media coverage that Gold and Oil, but some strong fundamentals have many commodity investors like Jim Rogers feeling very bullish about agriculture commodities. And thanks in large part to the growth in exchange traded funds (ETFs), the individual investor can invest alongside institutional investors.”

Neal Frankle from Wealth Pilgrim presents What Are Inflation Protected Bonds? Are they Safe?, and says, “Whenever the stock market enters a turbulent period, people look for alternatives to equities. Inevitably the term “TIPS” comes up (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities). This is the “go-to” bond people buy that is protected against inflation. But what are inflation protected bonds and are they a smart investment?”

Andy from Saving to Invest presents How Leveraged and Inverse ETFs Can Fool You With Absolute vs. Relative Returns, and says, “Just as your gains are magnified so too are your losses if the market or underlying ETF index moves adversely to your ETFs characteristics. Further, in volatile markets, the concept of absolute vs relative returns can play havoc with your ETF returns.”

Ken Faulkenberry from Arbor Investment Planner presents Asset Allocation Model Portfolio – Choosing Asset Categories, and says, “An asset allocation model that is divided into asset categories provides a practical template for analyzing an investment portfolio.”

J.P. from Novel Investor presents What Is A Trailing Stop Order?, and says, “The type of orders you use is just as important as what you buy and sell. A trailing stop order allows you to limit your losses without sacrificing gains.”

Bryan from Gajizmo – Personal Finance presents American Politics, The Fiscal Cliff, QE3 & The Gold Market, and says, “Talk of the fiscal cliff is at an all-time high, yet not everyone understands what all the hoopla is about. This article focuses on the fiscal cliff and QE3’s affect on the equities and commodities markets, explaining the uncertainty ahead. Included is input from the CEO at, a site to buy gold online, which may prove a safer investment through all this volatility, as well as multiple other resources from major new sources. I think this article would be very useful for the PF community.”

Drew from Objective Wealth presents A to Z of Objective Wealth: I is for Index Funds, and says, “Drew makes his case for for investing via index funds. Whether you look at it from a beginner, intermediate or advanced viewpoint, being boring and average for once turns out to be the coolest thing you do to invest successfully long term.”

Roger Wohlner from The Chicago Financial Planner presents Should You Buy Financial Services From Tommy Lee Jones?, and says, “Choosing the right financial advisor for you and your family is critical. You want to do your best to find someone who is competent, whose compensation method is made clear and is transparent, and who you feel that you can trust. Don’t be afraid to ask direct pointed questions and don’t settle for half-answers.”

Karl Marrion from WiseStockBuyer presents 9 Investing Mistakes You Don’t Want To Be Making, and says, “There are many common mistakes that investors make. Find out what they are so you can avoid making them!”

Michael Kitces from Nerd’s Eye View presents IRS Rules For Paying Investment Fees From Taxable And Retirement Accounts, and says, “Given the costs associated with investment advice, most people want to maximize any available tax benefits to help mitigate the cost. However, it’s important to make sure the fees are paid from the correct accounts, or your entire IRA can be disqualified!”

Giant Parade Balloons – Credit and Debt – It’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement. But be careful, both can crush you!

Big Cajun Man from THE Canadian Personal Finance Blog presents Why Are There So Many Things to Worry about at 2 AM?, and says, “Many nights sleep are lost due to financial worries, and 2 AM seems to be the witching hour for some of us.”

Pauline from Reach Financial Independence presents Calculating the weighted average interest rate on your debt(and why I am not paying mine faster), and says, “After explaining how to calculate the average interest rate on your debt, I consider if paying my debt earlier is worth it.”

Philip from PT Money Personal Finance presents Not All Debt Is Bad: Good vs. Bad Debt, and says, “Guest poster Adrian Cartwood from proposes that not all debt is bad–that there is both cheap and expensive debt.”

Shawna from Money Misfit presents How Often Do You Really Check Your Credit Report?, and says, “Check yours today if you haven’t done so in a while!”

Giving Thanks – Economy and Real Estate – We get to the more serious part of the holiday. Let’s take a small step back and take a look at two topics that have huge effects on our lives even though we typically take a hands-off approach.

pfblogger from Personal Cents presents What is the Fiscal Cliff?, and says, “Pfblogger explores the fiscal cliff and how it may affect people if legislation isn’t passed to prevent it. ”

Pete from Intelligent Speculator presents Real Estate – Diversification And Hedge Against Inflation?, and says, “How you can look into real estate as an investment.”

Martin from Studenomics presents Two Moving Out Horror Stories You Must Learn From, and says, “Are you thinking about moving out? Please learn from these horror stories.”

Clint from Accumulating Money presents Getting a Mortgage or Paying Cash, and says, “For most people, buying a home means going into debt to finance the purchase. However, if you’re fortunate enough to have the option to pay cash to buy a home, it’s wise to fully consider your options before taking the plunge.”

Charles from Wallet Hub presents “Getting Ready for Pre-Approval “, and says, “After the collapse of the housing bubble, getting a loan to buy a home became a lengthier process. No longer are lenders falling over themselves to get your business. Know what you should have to get pre-approval before you start shopping.”

Pilgrims – Careers – It’s not always easy to manage your career (and it certainly wasn’t easy to be a pilgrim), but if you ask for some help for your peers (or Native Americans), you’ll surely make it through the winter.

Gen Y Finance Journey presents Demographics Affect Your Benefits, and says, “As we enter open enrollment season, I take a look at how the demographics of your company’s workforce may have an impact on the benefits you receive.”

Jefferson from See Debt Run presents Consumer Driven Health Plans – A Good Option?, and says, “Consumer Driven Health Care plans are becoming very common in today’s corporate world. However, there are a few things about this plan that really concern me.”

MD from Start Freelancing Now presents How-to Snag Freelance Writing Work Today, and says, “We help you find freelancing work right now!”

Mike from The Financial Blogger presents Why You Should Earn a Degree That Actually Pays, and says, “Why you should seek out an education that matters.”

Leftovers – These articles don’t fit into any specific category, but keep in mind how nice it is to have a few days off from cooking after the holiday!

Odysseas from Wallet Blog presents Consumers are Being Scored on More than Just Their Credit, and says, “Banks, insurance companies, employers, retailers, marketing agencies, political candidates, and more are using predictive analytics to gain insights into people’s lives. You’re likely being rated on much more than your ability to manage credit these days, so it’s a good idea to know what’s going on.

Kristen from My Dollar Plan presents Do I Need Travel Insurance?, and says, “I’m always wondering whether or not I need travel insurance when I book a trip. If you have the same question, this is a great read!”

Michael from Financial Ramblings presents Insuring a New (Teen) Driver, and says, “Our oldest just turned 15, which means he’s now eligible for a learner’s permit and… Yikes! Not too far from getting his driver’s license.”

Carnival of Personal Finance #388: Thanksgiving Preparation Edition

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