Carnival of Money Stories: Spending Wisely Edition

Welcome to the 60th edition of the Carnival of Money Stories!

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Most people focus on how much they can save, but I prefer to focus on making smart spending decisions. Spending wisely is all about thinking about what we are buying instead of trying to save on everything we buy.

Craig Ford presents What To Do When You Have A Late Estimated Tax Payment posted at Money Help For Christians. Better late than never, right? In this story we learn that there’s a financial lesson to that.

Joshua Dorkin presents The Deal the Realtor Left to Rot posted at The BiggerPockets Blog. Follow up with your business contacts or you could lose a ton of money!

Kristina presents Did I Mention I Was Broke? posted at DINKS Finance. Most people don’t start out in great financial shape, but the process of getting there helps so much.

Squirrelers presents Movie Tickets are Free When You Use a Credit Card, Right? posted at Squirrelers. If only credit cards worked the way kids thought they did!

Alan presents The Benefit of Employee Benefits posted at Canadian Finance Blog. Less pay but increased benefits sometimes makes the entire package more attractive.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Thoughts on Tipping Etiquette: Why Should I Tip? posted at The Digerati Life. There are some clear imbalances in the tipping system and offers an interesting alternative.

Sometimes we see a great deal, and even if we don’t need it, we go for it anyway. How can you pass up a deal that good. The problem is that that leads us to buying more than we need.

MD presents Is It Safe to Rely On Experts All The Time? posted at Studenomics. I love the lessons from the World Cup.

Peter presents Should I Pay Off My Home Mortgage Early Or Invest? posted at Bible Money Matters. You’ve already build up the emergency funds, so go for it! Imagine all the stress of the mortgage disappearing that much more quickly!

Joe Plemon presents The Envelope Story: A Reminder of Hope posted at Personal Finance By The Book. This one blows me away. Is that crazy or what?!

Ryan @ CML presents Should Your Financial Advisor Have a Fiduciary Duty to You? posted at Cash Money Life. Should your financial advisor, investment broker, or insurance agent have a fiduciary duty to recommend the best investment for your needs?

PT presents What to Do if You Can’t Pay Your Car Note: Stop Car Repossession posted at PT Money. Have any of you ever gotten a visit from the repo man?

Miss Bankrupt presents Counting My Financial Blessings posted at Miss Bankrupt. It’s time to count five important financial blessings.

In the short term, it’s what we spend. However, in the long term, all that matters is how much we are able to save at the end of the month. I won’t be proud of you if you saved $1,000 on your tv by purchasing one for $3,000!

Amanda L Grossman presents When Being Cheap Upfront Costs Big Bucks in the End posted at Frugal Confessions. In a way, parking garages are insurance so that you don’t get towed!

Antonia presents Why I’m going to stop saving money posted at A Nomad’s Lot. Love the line: “If something doesn’t add value to my life, I won’t buy it.”

Donna Freedman presents Turf wars. posted at Surviving and Thriving. The real lesson? Take care of your finances early and often and you’ll be in great position later.

MoneyNing presents Learning to Say “No” to Your Kids posted at Money Ning. Setting limits with kids can be hard but necessary.

J. Money presents The Car That Guzzles Money posted at Budgets Are Sexy. SO glad I don’t have a car. Yay public transportation!

2 Cents presents Stereotypes: Toss the Rule Book & Write Your Own posted at Balance Junkie. Erase the stereotypes to take control of your situation

Super Saver presents Over Delivered and Over Committed posted at My Wealth Builder. Don’t stress yourself out more than necessary if you’re in good financial shape.

Want to know how to prevent yourself from overspending? Lose the plastic! Rationally, it makes no difference, but even Ivy Leaguers are irrational when it comes to money.

FMF presents How One Family Went from Two Incomes to One — And Developed a Business in the Process posted at Free Money Finance. Sometimes, making cuts to make living on one income is a lot more reasonable than we think!

Ella Moss presents Shrinking Dollars posted at Zodiac Times. A lesson in how important it is to save for a rainy day.

Bucksome presents eBay Sales Woes posted at Buck$ome Boomer’s Journey to Retirement. I think just about all sellers run into eBay problems eventually.

VH presents Just can’t believe it! posted at Funny about Money. Oh no! I say take the short-term hit, get healthy, and start fresh again!

Jim presents Checked Baggage Fees List posted at Wanderlust Journey. I used to fly Southwest a ton, and checked bag fees drive me crazy!

Money Beagle presents Price Increases Bum Me Out posted at Money Beagle. Sometimes you have to suck up price increases, but customer loyalty is super important!

Ace presents Facing the Truth About My Debt posted at Ace of Wealth. I love taking student loans by the horns. From what I hear, the earlier you pay it off, the better you feel!

Thanks for reading, and don’t miss next week when the carnival is hosted over at Out of Debt Again!

Joshua Dorkin presents <a href=”” >The Deal the Realtor Left to Rot</a> posted at <a href=”” >The BiggerPockets Blog</a>.
Carnival of Money Stories: Spending Wisely Edition

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  1. Daniel,
    Thanks for hosting this carnival with all of these great stories. I appreciate being included.

  2. :-) Thanks for including Funny’s agonizing about the costs of an injury. And thanks for hosting…this is a big carnival this week!

  3. Thanks so much for the mention! I’m decent at making money, but I really need to improve the saving aspect of the pf spectrum.

  4. Learning to ignore the “good deal” on something I really didn’t need is my greatest challenge in my financial journey. I do pretty good now (most of the time).

    Thanks for including me and hosting!

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