You Can’t Start a Successful Business If You Fear Failure

Without a doubt, there are a lot of emotions that go into starting a business. There is a lot of excitement, but there is bound to be some nervousness, and as with everything in life, there will be ups and downs.

But if there is fear, it will hold you back and get in the way of what could be a great business. Starting a business isn’t easy so there’s no need to put another barrier there.

I recently announced that I am opening a carnival submission service for bloggers. It’s not a new idea, but the plan is to be the best one out there.

Hiding Behind Others

At first, I was thinking of hiding behind my friend and partner, David from Financial Nerd, who is the programming whiz. I was considering having him take all the credit and put his reputation out there, but for all the wrong reasons.

I was going to do it out of fear. If it didn’t work out, I did not want to be labeled a failure. I wanted to hide behind David and if didn’t work out, at least people wouldn’t think less of me.

I realized that by not putting myself out there with this project, I was holding us back. I have a lot of contacts among personal finance bloggers and could leverage those to drum up interest and get our service in front of everyone.

Standing Behind Our Product

I don’t want to just work behind the scenes, I want this to be a success both because we have a great product that beats the competition and and because people trust us to deliver. If I’m not putting myself out there, I’m doing us a disservice. Confidence is half the battle, and I am very confident in our product and service. I want to show that I’m confident that we are the best people to manage it.

If I don’t believe in my own product, what future is there? If I’m so scared of failure, isn’t it doomed to fail from the beginning?

I did put my name and reputation on the line, and I’m glad I did. I announced the service both on this blog and on the Yakezie site, so it immediately let people know who we were and what we were going to provide. Having the trust of an experienced blogger (somehow, it’s been 4 years since I started!) I think gave the business some legitimacy, and it will make other bloggers more receptive to signing up compared to a stranger asking them for money without any history.

Next week, we’ll get into the launch. It was a bit hectic and there were plenty of issues to deal with right off the bat. I think it all worked out for the best, but it’s definitely an interesting story. Stay tuned for the details!

You Can’t Start a Successful Business If You Fear Failure

Sweating the Big Stuff

7 thoughts on “You Can’t Start a Successful Business If You Fear Failure

  1. Everyone are scared about failures and what we really do not understand is failure is the stepping stone for our future success. It always takes a great determination to move forward in any new business and putting in our effort and commitment leads to success. I wish you all the best for your new venture

  2. Best of wishes on your new adventure!!! Just think if you would not have had the courage to put your face out all of your readers would never had heard of it.

  3. I actually stopped being a semi-anonymous blogger just for this reason. By putting my real name out there, I was hoping to be taken way more seriously and grow in my niche. I have no idea if that is why my business succeeded, but it motivated the heck out of me.

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